The #1’s – “In The Twinkling Of An Eye”

greenes1993itsasweetlifemaxWith a few commentaries here and there, this blog has always been about the music.  I try to present the best (and sometimes worst) Southern Gospel music has offered over the course of its history.

I want to present to the readers the past, present and future of this musical art form.  This particular series takes a look at the #1 chart songs during the history of the Singing News radio charts.  Their charts (at least they used to be) are the closest thing Southern Gospel has to Billboard (mainstream industry publication that provides weekly charts for various musical genres).

The Greenes had three #1 hits during the course of their recording career.  All three fell between the years 1989 and 1995.  The trio’s second #1 song came in 1994, when “In The Twinkling Of An Eye” topped the charts for three months (March to May).  Group member, Tim Greene, penned this #1 power house; one that I claim to be one of the best songs the group ever recorded.


The #1’s – “Getting Used To The Dark”

mckameys1987morethanmusicmaxTo all of you who have contacted me over the last week, in another absence; Thank You!  You don’t realize how those small words of encouragement brighten my day.  The new round of meds have been a bit trying so I was back at the doctor yesterday to re-work the cocktail to see what works better.  For anyone who lives with bi-polar disorder, you know what I am talking about.  It may take various attempts before the right cocktail of meds is found for you.

Anyway, as to not bore you with anymore medical talk, let’s get back to some blogging.  I just want to let everyone know that the next couple of week may be a bit hit or miss in the amount that I blog, but I will try to get at least a couple of posts a week up.

Today, I want to get back to a series that looks at the #1 songs in the history of Southern Gospel music (as based on the Singing News charts).  The McKameys currently hold the record for having the most #1 songs of any Southern Gospel artist in chart history.  The group’s second #1 hit came in October 1987 with the song; “Getting Used To The Dark”.  The song ended up spending a total of three-month a top the chart.

The song was penned by Sheryl Farris.  Here is a YouTube clip of the McKameys #1 hit, “Getting Used To The Dark”.  Enjoy!

*Video Credit (Jimmy Stidham)

The #1’s – “The Healer”

This series honors the #1 songs in Southern Gospel music as reported by Singing News magazine.

The Talley Trio had a strong run between October 2002 and November 2004 picking up five #1 songs in a row, including all three singles from the recording, Hope For Tomorrow.  The first of the five to go to the top of the charts was the Gerald Crabb penned, “The Healer”.

The song spent the months of October and November 2002 at #1.  Of all the songs the Talley Trio (Talleys) have recorded during their career, this songs ranks near the top of the list as one of their all time best.

*Video Credit (hollywood02)

The #1’s – “Milk And Honey”

The #1’s series highlights all the #1 songs in the history of Southern Gospel music.  Because of the time frame they have carried a published/recognized chart, I am using the Singing News magazine as the source for the #1’s series.

Today’s spotlight falls on the Hoppers second #1 song, that hit the top of the charts in October 1992; “Milk And Honey”.  Long time pianist/group member Shannon Childress penned this mid-tempo classic that featured Kim Hopper on the verses.

The song was found on the Hoppers, Mention My Name, album that was also released earlier in the year 1992.  Here is a YouTube clip (published by The Hoppers – Topic), showcasing the original track from the album; the #1 hit “Milk And Honey”.  Enjoy!

The #1’s – “Oh Buddha”

ImperialsNovelty songs have always had a home in Southern Gospel music.  They can be traced as far back as the quartet classic, “First Day In Heaven”.  Novelty songs have even found a home a top the Southern Gospel radio airplay charts (see the Kingsmen; “Excuses”).

But before “Excuses” made its way to listening audiences, the Imperials topped the charts with the song, “Oh Buddha”.  This Mark Farrow song relays to listeners that Jesus Christ is the only way by pointing out that other religions are just that, religions.  Running the spectrum from Buddha to Mohammed to even Krishna’s.

The second verse then brings it home to Christianity and the idea that Heaven will not be made up of denominations, no matter how much your particular denomination thinks they are right.

The Imperials took this song to the top of the Southern Gospel charts in September 1979.  The song would go on to spend eight months at #1, making it the biggest Imperials hit on Southern Gospel radio.  Here is a YouTube clip (published by GambittMA) of the Imperials #1 hit, “Oh Buddha”.

Novelty song; yea or nay?  Would a song like “Oh Buddha” be accepted among today’s Southern Gospel listening audience?

The #1’s – “Come Morning”

nelons1979feelings150The #1’s series takes a look at the #1 songs in the history of Southern Gospel music as reported by Singing News magazine.  This edition takes us back to the year 1980 and the song “Come Morning”.

Penned by noted songwriter Dee Gaskin, “Come Morning” became the first #1 song for the Rex Nelon Singers.  Found on the group’s 1979 album Feelings, “Come Morning” was a unique #1 song in that it spent three non-consecutive months at the top of the charts.

The song spent the months of June, August and October 1980 at #1.  Here is a YouTube clip, published by TheNelonsFan, from the Nelons 1994 reunion video performing “Come Morning”.  Enjoy!

The #1s – “Antioch Church Choir”

The #1’s is a feature that looks at the #1 chart songs in Singing News history.  There was a time in Southern Gospel music (or the music industry in general) when a #1 song would reap significant benefits for the artist.  Such is not the case in 2013.

In the history of their recording career, the Dixie Melody Boys have scored only one #1 song.  That song was “Antioch Church Choir”; a song that tells the story of uncle Jesse who only wanted to sing in the church choir.  This is a signature song for the Dixie Melody Boys who would record it on several other occasions in the 1990’s and 2000’s.  The group still uses the song as a regular part of their concert appearances today.

The song spent one month at #1 in September 1982.  The song happened to be the title track of the group’s 1982 album, Antioch Church Choir (Uncle Jesse).  Here is a YouTube clip I found of the Dixie Melody Boys recorded at the time of the original recording (circa 1982) performing “Antioch Church Choir”.  Enjoy!

The #1’s – “God Kept His Promise”

At the end of 2012 I began taking a look at Southern Gospel’s #1 hits over the course of its history.  These are #1 hits as reported by the Singing News magazine.  In this first #1’s feature of 2013, I wanted to take a look at the song “God Kept His Promise”.

The Steeles burst on the Southern Gospel music scene in 1994 with their first #1 song (which we will take a look at later).  A virtual unknown artist became a house hold name in a short period of time.  The group went on to garner a total of four #1 songs.

“God Kept His Promise” was penned by group member Jeff Steele and was the first single from the group’s 1995 album Southern Steele.  The song would spend three months at #1 between the months of October and December 1995.  Here is a YouTube clip of the Steeles performing their #1 hit “God Kept His Promise”.  Enjoy!

I happened to be in attendance during this event and to say it was awesome would be an understatement!  Every year Ray Flynn would hold an annual event in Winston-Salem NC that would draw 10,000 to 12,000 people.  I attended many of them.  Too bad they no longer exist.