Where’s The Dress??

It is funny, how certain things will hit you at a specific time and cause you to laugh out loud.

On my vacation a couple of weeks ago, the extended driving allowed me plenty of time to listen to XM satellite radio in the car.  On occasion I would turn on Enlighten (the Southern Gospel channel) to see what they were playing.

One of the songs was a Triumphant Quartet number that I hadn’t heard in several years.  On the group’s 2007 album, You Gotta Love It was a song, “He Rescued Me”.

There is a line in the song that goes, ‘He Saw Me In Distress And Rescued Me’.  Every time that specific line came on the radio, I heard it as ‘He Saw Me In This Dress And Rescued Me’.  I could hardly control the laughing.

Then it brought to mind a song I heard as a kid in the ’80s, on country radio called, “Where’s The Dress”; but that is a story for another day.