Best Radio Songs Of The 1980s: #37

The best Southern Gospel radio songs of the 1980’s continue today with the song found at #37.

Gold City had one of the fastest rises to Southern Gospel stardom than any artist in the history of the genre.  By April 1985, the group would be celebrating their second #1 hit on the Southern Gospel radio singles chart.

As with the group’s first #1 single, Sandy Knight penned the song ranked 37th among the best radio songs of the 1980’s; “John Saw”.


Best Radio Songs Of The 1980’s: #38

Continuing the countdown of the best Southern Gospel radio songs of 1980s finds us at #38.

The Hinsons had already established themselves as one of the best groups in the industry, during the 1970’s.  Giving listeners classics like “Camp Meeting Days”, “Hallelujah Meetin”, “That I Could Still Go Free”, “Touch Of The Master’s Strong Hand” and “You Can’t Hold Back The Dawning” to name a few.

But the group’s first #1 song on the Southern Gospel radio singles chart wouldn’t come until July 1982 with, “God’s Gonna Do The Same For You And Me”.  The song was found on the Hinsons 1981 Calvary Records release, Bubblin’.

Best Radio Songs Of The 1980’s: #39

A couple of weeks ago I started a year-long series remembering 1980’s Southern Gospel music.  I am taking the year to countdown the best Southern Gospel radio songs of the 1980’s.

At #39 is the breakthrough song for St Louis based family group, the Lesters.  By this point in the group’s career, they were already celebrating over 50 years in Gospel music.

In 1979, the Lesters released Ain’t God Good, on QCA Records.  The song was released to radio and by mid 1980, “Ain’t God Good” became the first top five Southern Gospel radio single for the group.

It would launch them in to the mainstream and would start what would become a great decade of hits for this family.

Best Of The Last Decade (2007-2016)

True To The Call (2007) – Kingdom Heirs (Sonlite): “Since Jesus Moved In“; “The Rock’s Between The Hard Place And You“; “True To The Call“; “I Am The Way“; “I Want You To Know“; “Jesus Made A Believe Out Of Me“; “Looking Out For You“; “Praying Your Troubles Away“; “Lord Your Word Is Still True“; “What We Needed“; “I Sing Because“.

Church In The Kitchen (2014) – Dunaways (Custom): “Again And Again“; “Where Grace Lives“; “Church In The Kitchen“; “Mercy Built A Bridge“; “Reassure Me“; “Let Go Of This World (Get Wrapped Up In God)“; “Better Than My Best Day“; “Muddy Mississippi“; “Somewhere Around The Throne“; “Your Prayers Were Pulling Me Through“; “When My Tears Wash The Scars“; “His Word Is Written In Stone“; “Never Gonna Give Up On You“.

Pray Now (2015) – Karen Peck and New River (Daywind): “Calling“; “Pray Now“; “Hallelujah For The Cross“; “Love With All Your Heart“; “Blessed“; “I’m Not Letting Go“; “I Choose Christ“; “Peace That Covers All The Pain“; “Redemption’s Holy Lamb“; “Lord Send Your Angels“; “A Life That’s Good“.

Best Of The Last Decade (2007-2016)

Why Can’t We (2011) – Isaacs (Gaither Music): “Hallelujah Turnpike“; “Waiting In The Water“; “Four Men Walkin’ Around“; “Why Can’t We“; “God Still Has A Plan“; “You Can’t Take My Joy“; “Why“; “I Still Trust You“; “He Knows All About It“; “Get On Board“; “That Is Why I Sing“;  “I’m Gonna Love You Through It“; “I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary“.

Faith To Believe (2008) – Mike and Kelly Bowling (Canaan): “Your Cries Have Awoken The Master“; “It’s Alright“; “I’ve Never Walked Alone“; “God’s Not Through With You“; “Oh How Sweet Is The Victory“; “Notified“; “A Miracle Today“; “I Never Shall Forget The Day“; “I Have Faith“; “The Only One“; “Keep Breathing“; “We Have A Savior“.

Never Walk Alone (2010) – Brian Free and Assurance (Daywind): “Anything Is Possible“; “I Believe“; “God Will Close The Door“; “The Part Where You Come In“; “Remind Me Of The Cross“; “It’s My Life“; “Turn The Page“; “Stand Among The Millions“; “It’s Gotta Be God“; “Never Walk Alone“.

Best Of The Last Decade (2007-2016)

Battle Cry (2014) – Kingsmen (Horizon): “Battle Cry“; “I’ve Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken“; “He Took Away My Burden“; “Oh Yes I Am“; “Cross Of Grace“; “Beautiful City“; “I Know“; “It Should Have Rained“;  “Faith“; “Come And Dine“; “Here I Stand Amazed“.

Life (2008) – Dove Brothers (Sonlite): “After The Storm“; “Give It To The Lord“; “I Want To Live For You“; “You Don’t Know God’s Love“; “A Day In The Life Of America“; “Face To Face With Grace“; “I Still Got A Feeling“; “You Would Think He Would Learn“; “You Can’t Fix It“; “Smooth Sailing“.

Nature’s Symphony In 432 (2016) – Isaacs (House Of Isaacs): “Nature’s Symphony“; “Fields“; “I Love You More“; “Lord Of My Heart“; “This Is The Year“; “Bird On The Wing“; “Keep Breathing“; “I Find It All In You“; “Rocks“; “If That’s What It Takes“; “Yours Amen“; “God Is Still With Me“; “Dining With The King“; “None So Lovely“; “Great Is Thy Faithfulness“.