The #1’s – “In The Twinkling Of An Eye”

greenes1993itsasweetlifemaxWith a few commentaries here and there, this blog has always been about the music.  I try to present the best (and sometimes worst) Southern Gospel music has offered over the course of its history.

I want to present to the readers the past, present and future of this musical art form.  This particular series takes a look at the #1 chart songs during the history of the Singing News radio charts.  Their charts (at least they used to be) are the closest thing Southern Gospel has to Billboard (mainstream industry publication that provides weekly charts for various musical genres).

The Greenes had three #1 hits during the course of their recording career.  All three fell between the years 1989 and 1995.  The trio’s second #1 song came in 1994, when “In The Twinkling Of An Eye” topped the charts for three months (March to May).  Group member, Tim Greene, penned this #1 power house; one that I claim to be one of the best songs the group ever recorded.


3 thoughts on “The #1’s – “In The Twinkling Of An Eye”

  1. Although this wasn’t my favorite version of the Greenes, this was a great album. I did, however, feel like Twinkling was a mimic of When I Knelt–down to the hollared out male/female solos lines in the final choruses. Kinda like Greater Vision did multiple fake My Name Is Lazaruses seemingly in an attempt to recreate its success.

    1. That ending kind of became a trademark for the Greenes during the Amy Lambert era. I loved seeing the Greenes in concert during Amy’s tenure with the group. The group, with the leading of Tony, knew how to work a crowd. And while corny, when the group would close their set walking out in to the audience belting out “Shelter From The Storm”, it left this teen (at the time), gobsmacked. Still some of my favorite concert memories.

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