Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  On this Indigenous People’s Day, we honor America’s Native American heritage and culture.  It is important we remember those who made America home way before European settlers arrived.  And for many, like myself, it is a time to honor our Native American ancestry.

Did you know, Southern Gospel music, has been graced with several Native American artists.  The first and most prominent would be the Klaudt Indian Family out of North Dakota.  Their history in music dates back to 1929.

More recently Southern Gospel music had the Jody Brown Indian Family and solo artist Quinton Mills.


Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?: Some readers of this blog may have the same story.  On September 11, 2001 I was at the National Quartet Convention.  I had flown into Louisville Kentucky the day before to enjoy the week-long event.

As the reality set in on the events that took place, the days following I remember wondering if air travel would start back up and I would get home.  I did.

As through many other times in my life, Southern Gospel music was there to comfort.  We are now 16 years out and today we honor all those lost.

Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  There was a Tennesseans Quartet in the early 1960’s with some big names (Eddie Crook, Noel Fox, Dale Shelnut).  Then Willie Wynn (of Oak Ridge Boys fame) started a Tennesseans in the mid to late 1970s.

Did you know there was a third Tennesseans group that traveled in the early 1980s with Garry Sheppard (of Kingsmen fame) singing tenor.

Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  Southern Gospel artists had to be good at lip syncing in the 1980s.  There was a television program on during most of the decade, Sing Out America, hosted by Rusty Goodman, Kelly Nelon and Bill Traylor.  Many times artists simply lip synced to their latest recording since the program was recorded in a studio.

There is no more evidence of the fact than seeing Gold City lip sync to their 1986 live recording, Double Take Live.

Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  Gerald Sweatman is a noted Southern Gospel songwriter.  One of his most known compositions is probably “Gonna Ride The Glory Cloud”, made popular by the Dixie Melody Boys.

Did you know that in the 1980’s Gerald Sweatman was a member of the Liberty Quartet, out of Georgia.  Gerald is also the father of former Mark Trammell Quartet member Dustin Sweatman.

Southern Gospel Tidbits

DID YOU KNOW?:  The Sisters siblings, Heather Bennett, Kim Sheffield and Valerie Medkiff are daughters of Brenda Ruppe.  At one time during their career, all three women traveled with their mother as the Ruppes.

The Ruppes became a household name in the late 1990s with their hit single, “Under His Wings”.  The Ruppes also became the first all female group to garner a #1 song on the Singing News radio singles chart, with “Angels In The Room”.

Did you know the Ruppes recorded their first album in 1975 when Heather and Kim were just girls.