Best Album Openers: “God’s Building A Church”

gold-cityTalk to anyone that follows Southern Gospel music and they are quick to give you lists.  Lists of the all time greatest bass singer or how about Southern Gospel’s greatest quartet.

Today, I wanted to start another new feature highlighting Southern Gospel’s best album opening songs.  Anytime you start a new album from your favorite artist, that first song truly sets the tone.

The first song in the series comes from Gold City’s 1997 recording, What A Great Lifestyle.  “God’s Building A Church” may very well be the best opening track of any recording in the group’s discography.

It truly set the tone for what turned out to be an amazing recording.  Sandy Knight penned this high energy tune that defines Gold City.


2 thoughts on “Best Album Openers: “God’s Building A Church”

  1. That track has an interesting place in Gold City’s history. It was the only song released to radio from that CD and it was the final radio single from Gold City on Benson’s Riversong label. According to Gold City, Benson was forcing everyone on their labels to shift to CCM or leave. The quote I remember from Mark Trammell regarding pushing songs from the CD is, “Benson wouldn’t push us for county dog catcher.”

    1. It’s a shame only one song was released because it is one of my all time favorite Gold City albums with several great songs. “Between Me And The Storm” is one of my all time favorite Mark Trammell features and it is mostly forgotten. I would love to see Mark bring this one back on a Mark Trammell Quartet album.

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