The #1’s – “Getting Used To The Dark”

mckameys1987morethanmusicmaxTo all of you who have contacted me over the last week, in another absence; Thank You!  You don’t realize how those small words of encouragement brighten my day.  The new round of meds have been a bit trying so I was back at the doctor yesterday to re-work the cocktail to see what works better.  For anyone who lives with bi-polar disorder, you know what I am talking about.  It may take various attempts before the right cocktail of meds is found for you.

Anyway, as to not bore you with anymore medical talk, let’s get back to some blogging.  I just want to let everyone know that the next couple of week may be a bit hit or miss in the amount that I blog, but I will try to get at least a couple of posts a week up.

Today, I want to get back to a series that looks at the #1 songs in the history of Southern Gospel music (as based on the Singing News charts).  The McKameys currently hold the record for having the most #1 songs of any Southern Gospel artist in chart history.  The group’s second #1 hit came in October 1987 with the song; “Getting Used To The Dark”.  The song ended up spending a total of three-month a top the chart.

The song was penned by Sheryl Farris.  Here is a YouTube clip of the McKameys #1 hit, “Getting Used To The Dark”.  Enjoy!

*Video Credit (Jimmy Stidham)


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