It’s Real: Old Paths


  • Album:  It’s Real
  • Artist:  Old Paths
  • Label:  Sonlite
  • Style:  Progressive
  • Release Date:  03/22/19
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)
  • Running Time:  25 Minutes


2019 is shaping up to be a great year for Southern Gospel music.  Today, we take a look at the new EP from the Old Paths; It’s Real.

Since returning to the recording scene in 2017 with Long Run, the Old Paths gives listeners a second EP with It’s Real.  This new recording has 7 new songs, all with a progressive Southern Gospel style.

The 2019 edition of the Old Paths is composed of Steve Ladd (tenor vocalist), Tim Rackley (lead vocalist), Doug Roark (baritone vocalist) and Daniel Ashmore (bass vocalist).


  • No doubt the Old Paths chose seven songs from the industry’s biggest writers.
  • The Old Paths have had success with Rodney Birch songs in the past (“Battle Stand”/’God’s Great”).  Tim is featured on another Rodney penned song, “When It Comes To Jesus”.  This has to be a future radio single!
  • Speaking of singles, the first from the EP is the up tempo, “Lord Knows”.  Didn’t take long for this song to make my musical playlists.  A great feature from bass vocalist Daniel Ashmore.
  • With only seven songs, the album moves along at a pretty fast clip.  Total listening time clocks in at 25 minutes.  One of those up tempo songs that deserves a listen is the album’s opening track, “I Need Jesus To Walk On The Water”.
  • The only ballad on It’s Real is the Tim feature, “The God I Know”.  A definite Southern Gospel friendly song from the pens of Lee Black and Jerry Salley.
  • The EP closes with a strong Steve Ladd feature, “Come Sunday Morning”.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “When It Comes To Jesus”, “Lord Knows”, “Come Sunday Morning”, “The God I Know” and “I Need Jesus To Walk On The Water”.
  • Now that they have given listeners two EP recordings in a row, it is time for the Old Paths to give listeners a full length album.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “The Truth Comes Shining Through”.


Progressive Southern Gospel quartet enthusiasts will have this album on repeat.  All seven songs could easily find a home in your musical playlists.  It’s Real is another strong recording released in 2019.

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “I Need Jesus To Walk On The Water” (Fast)/Tim – Sandy Knight  2. “The Truth Comes Shining Through” (Fast)/Steve – Rebecca J Peck, Dianne Wilkinson  3. “Lord Knows” (Fast)/Daniel – Larry McCoy, Jason Cox, Kenna West  4. “The God I Know” (Slow)/Tim – Lee Black, Jerry Salley  5. “It’s Real” (Mid)/Doug – Janice Crowe, Kenna West  6. “When It Comes To Jesus” (Mid)/Tim – Rodney Birch  7. “Come Sunday Morning” (Mid)/Steve – Jason Cox, Kenna West


Blank Page: Dunaways


  • Album:  Blank Page
  • Artist:  Dunaways
  • Label:  Custom
  • Style:  Country
  • Release Date:  02/22/19
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)
  • Running Time:  46 Minutes


It is time for the first album review of a 2019 release.  Today, we take a look at the new album from the Dunaways; Blank Page.

It has been five years since the Dunaways released one of the best albums of the decade, Church In The KitchenBlank Page continues the Dunaways country-style of Southern Gospel music.  The group provides listeners with 12 new songs.

The 2019 edition of the Dunaways is composed of Kannah Dunaway Lovern (soprano vocalist), Tammy Dunaway (alto vocalist), Randall Dunaway (baritone) and newest member Landon Villines (tenor/lead vocalist).


  • Tammy is featured on one of the album’s stand out tracks, the title track (“Blank Page”).  This song is country to the core and one that would do well at Southern Gospel radio.  A great song from the pens of Lee Black, Devin McGlamery and Nathan Woodard.
  • Tammy contributed to 4 of the 12 songs on Blank Page.  She and Kannah trade verses on one of those songs; the album’s first single, “Faith Like That”.  This up-tempo country-style song will have you singing along and hitting repeat.
  • Tammy and Kannah also close the album with a ‘hard-driving’ country tune that is a must listen, “There’s A Morning Coming”.
  • Newest member, Landon Villines stands out on a song that could fit alongside some of the best Southern Gospel songs from the 1980’s.  It is fitting that Larry Petree penned “Where There’s No Fire”.
  • Another radio single possibility is the Kannah feature, “We’re All Broken”.  This Southern Gospel friendly ballad has a message every listener can relate.
  • Don’t want to leave the review without giving a shout out to Randall’s pure country vocal.  Always enjoy his feature on each new album.  Give “Taking No Baggage With Me” a listen!  A great song from the pen of Gerald Crabb.
  • The production value of Blank Page could stand up against any mainstream country album.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “Blank Page”, “Faith Like That”, “We’re All Broken”, “There’s A Morning Coming”, “Here’s My Goodbye”, “Taking No Baggage With Me”, “Where There’s No Fire” and “Sometimes Mercy Hurts”.
  • I think it is a good thing it has been so long between album releases.  Church In The Kitchen was a landmark album for the Dunaways that is nearly impossible to top.
  • Blank Page could have had at least one more up tempo song.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “You Never Know”.


The Dunaways have consistently been one of the best groups in Southern Gospel music.  Each album the group has released can stand up against the best of the genre.  Blank Page is another stellar recording from the Dunaways that every listener needs to add to your musical playlists/library.

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Faith Like That” (Fast)/Tammy; Kannah – Tammy Dunaway  2. “We’re All Broken” (Slow)/Kannah – Matthew Lawson  3. “Where There’s No Fire” (Mid)/Landon – Larry Petree  4. “Blank Page” (Slow)/Tammy – Lee Black, Devin McGlamery, Nathan Woodard  5. “Here’s My Goodbye” (Mid/Fast)/Kannah – Tammy Dunaway  6. “Taking No Baggage With Me” (Mid)/Randall – Gerald Crabb  7. “You Never Know” (Slow)/Kannah – Rebecca J Peck  8. “Harvest Time” (Mid)/Landon – Gerald Crabb  9. “Noah Saved The World” (Fast)/Tammy; Kannah – Leonard Barrier, Tammy Dunaway  10. “Sometimes Mercy Hurts” (Slow)/Landon – Tammy Dunaway  11. “You’re Still You” (Slow)/Kannah – Billy Fields  12. “There’s A Morning Coming” (Mid/Fast)/Tammy; Kannah – Jason Cox, Kenna West

Testimony: Johnson Edition


  • Album:  Testimony
  • Artist:  Johnson Edition
  • Label:  Custom
  • Style:  Progressive, Country
  • Release Date:  11/02/18
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)
  • Running Time:  42 Minutes


The first couple album reviews of 2019 will be albums I didn’t get around to reviewing in 2018.  The first is the newest album from sibling group, Johnson Edition; Testimony.

Testimony is the third album from Johnson Edition.  The album was produced by Danny Crawford and Jonathan Martin.  The young siblings provide listeners a progressive Southern Gospel sound with modern country layers.

Johnson Edition is composed of Jathyn (lead/baritone vocalist), Westyn (tenor/lead vocalist), Breayn (alto vocalist) and Destiny (soprano vocalist).


  • One strength of Testimony is the song selection.  Johnson Edition chose songs from some of the industry’s biggest writers.
  • The folk style instrumentation at the beginning of “Never Been A Moment” sets the song apart from every other song on the recording.  Wish there would have been more variation in the arrangements found on Testimony.
  • Jathyn is featured on a song that would be a wise choice for Southern Gospel radio, “Love You Through The Scars”.  The Kenna West/Nathan Woodard co-write is a must listen!
  • The album’s first single is the up beat, country flavored “You Made My Day”.  Each member of the group is featured on a segment of the song.
  • Jathyn also takes the lead on another progressive Southern Gospel ballad that deserves a listen, “My Life A Testimony”.
  • I enjoyed the group closing with the classic song of invitation, “I Surrender All”.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “Love You Through The Scars”, “Never Been A Moment”, “My Life A Testimony”, “You Made My Day” and “Love Always Finds A Way”.
  • The progressive Southern Gospel sound that dominates the recording bleeds together with similar arrangements and ultimately similar sounding songs.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “We Believe” and “Center Of Me”.


This is not my first introduction to the music of Johnson Edition.  Testimony builds on what the group has provided listeners in the past.

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “You Made My Day” (Mid/Fast)/Ensemble – Marty Funderburk, Christopher Kai  2. “He Wants It All” (Mid)/Destiny – Twila LaBar, Rebecca J Peck  3. “My Life A Testimony” (Slow)/Jathyn – Jason Cox, Devin McGlamery, Kenna West  4. “Moments Of Mercy” (Slow)/Westyn – Nathan Newell, Logan Peck, Chris Unthank  5. “Love Always Finds A Way” (Mid/Fast)/Jathyn – Jason Cox, Kenna West  6. “Center Of Me” (Slow)/Destiny – Cliff Duren, Jeremy Johnson  7. “We Believe” (Slow)/Ensemble – Richie Fike, Matthew Hooper, Travis Ryan  8. “You Are The Same” (Slow)/Breayn – Leah Lawrance, Amber Maxwell  9. “Never Been A Moment” (Mid)/Westyn with Jonathan Martin – Jeff Pardo, Micah Tyler  10. “Love You Through The Scars” (Slow)/Jathyn – Kenna West, Nathan Woodard  11. “I Surrender All” (Slow)/Destiny – Judson Van DeVenter, Winfield Weeden

Relentless: Griffith Family


  • Album:  Relentless
  • Artist:  Griffith Family
  • Label:  New Day
  • Style:  Progressive, Country
  • Release Date:  10/12/18
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music)
  • Running Time:  48 Minutes


The final album review of 2018 is the latest album from the Griffith Family; Relentless.

This is the first album released with New Day Records, a division of Daywind.  The album is filled with progressive Southern Gospel sounds and some really great ‘hard-driving’ country sounds.

The Griffith Family is composed of Tony Griffith (lead/baritone), Julie Griffith (lead/soprano) and Jamie Streetman (tenor).


  • Tony’s country vocal is the immediate standout upon listening to Relentless.  The group has a sound reminiscent to that of the Bowling Family.
  • The standout song is the country flavored ballad featuring Tony, titled “It Took The Cross”.  A great Rebecca J Peck song.
  • The ‘hard-driving’ country cover of the Ronny Hinson, “It Ain’t Over” is a must listen.  The Mike Bowling Group originally recorded the song over a decade ago.
  • Newest member of the group, Jamie Streetman has a potential radio single choice with “I’ve Seen Enough”.
  • Speaking of singles, the first from Relentless is the progressive Southern Gospel mid-tempo, “Now I Can Sing”.  The song features Julie Griffith.
  • Tony has two more features that deserve a listen, both “Fill Me Lord” and “That’s Why We Call Him Redeemer” could be potential future hits.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “It Took The Cross”, “I’ve Seen Enough”, “Fill Me Lord”, “That’s Why We Call Him Redeemer”, “Now I Can Sing”, “It Ain’t Over” and “All About Jesus”.
  • The album tends to get bogged down at the end with four slow to mid-tempo songs.  A thirteen song recording is a bit ambitious.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Long Time Coming” and “Audience Of One”.


This is not my first introduction to the music of the Griffith Family.  Relentless is the best recording this family trio has put out, to date.  If you enjoy progressive Southern Gospel music, then you will want to give Relentless a listen.

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Now I Can Sing” (Mid/Fast)/Julie – Carolyn Cross, Karen Gillespie, Kevin Winebarger  2. “It Ain’t Over” (Fast)/Tony – Ronny Hinson  3. “Fill Me Lord” (Slow)/Tony – Barbara Farmer  4. “I’ve Seen Enough” (Fast)/Jamie – Karen Gillespie, Matthew Lawson  5. “That’s Why We Call Him Redeemer” (Mid)/Tony – Ricky Free, Ben Storie  6. “It Took The Cross” (Slow)/Tony – Rebecca J Peck  7. “All About Jesus” (Mid/Fast)/Jamie – Shawn Cushen, Sheri Lafontaine, Brian Petak  8. “Someone Like Me” (Mid)/Tony – Tom Rowlands, Barry Weeks, Tony Wood  9. “Audience Of One” (Slow)/Julie – Ronny Hinson  10. “He Restores” (Slow)/Julie – Debbie Davis  11. “Fight From My Knees” (Mid)/Julie – Matthew Lawson, Nathan Woodard  12. “Long Time Coming” (Fast)/Tony – Darrell Reed  13. “That’s Who He Is” (Slow)/Julie – Kenna Turner West, Nathan Woodard

Hymns With Friends: Joseph Habedank


  • Album:  Hymns With Friends: Duets For Quiet Reflection
  • Artist:  Joseph Habedank
  • Label:  Daywind
  • Style:  Traditional
  • Release Date:  09/21/18
  • Digital Download:  No
  • Running Time:  33 Minutes


Today we take a look at the newest album from Joseph Habedank, Hymns With Friends: Duets For Quiet Reflection.

Habedank is the top solo artist in Southern Gospel music at the moment.  The ten special guests he assembled to share a duet with him was nothing short of stellar.

What makes this more than just another generic hymns recording is making it a duets album and also the care that went into the production value.


  • As the title suggests, this recording is filled with ten slow, reflective and at times somber songs.
  • The highlight for me was his duet with Connie Hopper; “Sweet Hour Of Prayer”.  While reflective, there is some power in the chorus when the two voices come together.  Outstanding!
  • Another stand out is his duet with wife, Lindsay, “I Need Thee Every Hour”.  I would like to hear an entire duets album with just those two.
  • Another great moment was the duet with Libbi Stuffle, “I Must Tell Jesus”.  While the song has been recorded hundreds of times, it was nice hearing these two sing together again.
  • The duet with Jim Brady, “Near The Cross”, is also a must listen.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Sweet Hour Of Prayer”, “I Need The Every Hour”, “I Must Tell Jesus”, “Near The Cross”, “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” and “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”.
  • The biggest travesty is this album is not available via digital download/streaming.  With all the songs in public domain, I can’t see the argument of having to pay royalties to songwriters.
  • “The Love Of God” has been recorded way too many times.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “The Love Of God”.


The main reason for the grade received is the album not being available for digital download/streaming.  It is 2018 folks.  Outside of that, the album definitely lives up to its title.

SONG (Tempo)/Duet Partner – Songwriter:  1. “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” (Slow)/Erwins – Charles Gabriel, Civilla Martin  2. “Sweet Hour Of Prayer” (Slow)/Connie Hopper – William Bradbury, William Walford  3. “The Love Of God” (Slow)/Scott Inman – Frederick Lehman  4. “I Need The Every Hour” (Slow)/Lindsay Habedank – Annie Hawks, Robert Lowry  5. “Grace Greater Than Our Sin” (Slow)/Charlotte Ritchie – Julia Johnston, Daniel Towner  6. “Does Jesus Care” (Slow)/Wes Hampton – Frank Graeff, Lincoln Hall  7. “I Must Tell Jesus” (Slow)/Libbi Stuffle – Elisha Hoffman  8. “Near The Cross” (Slow)/Jim Brady – Fanny Crosby, William Doane  9. “Pass Me Not” (Slow)/Brooklyn Blair – Fanny Crosby, William Doane  10. “Haven Of Rest” (Slow)/Bill Gaither – Henry Gilmour, George Moore

Welcome To Me: Riley Harrison Clark


  • Album:  Welcome To Me
  • Artist:  Riley Harrison Clark
  • Label:  Daywind
  • Style:  Progressive, Pop
  • Release Date:  09/28/18
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music)
  • Running Time:  37 Minutes


Today we take a look at the first solo album from Riley Harrison Clark, Welcome To Me.

As most listeners already know, Riley is the current tenor vocalist for Tribute Quartet.  Riley has climbed the ranks to now be counted among the best tenor voices touring right now in Southern Gospel music.

Welcome To Me is a collection of nine new songs, mostly done in a progressive Southern Gospel style.


  • Welcome To Me is all about the title track.  “Welcome To Me” is one of the most personal songs I’ve heard in 2018.  It is a song every listener can relate.  One of the best recorded songs of the year!
  • Riley has a nice up-tempo progressive Southern Gospel song that could find a home at radio, “Running Down My Fear”.  A song that he co-wrote with Lee Black.
  • Riley also shows off some pop vibes with the mid-tempo, “You Will Be Found”.
  • The album starts strong with the progressive mid-tempo, “Glory To Glory”.  Another song from the album that could ultimately land at radio.
  • Can’t leave the review without mentioning another must listen, “Then He Opened His Arms”.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Welcome To Me”, “Running Down My Fear”, “You Will Be Found”, “Then He Opened His Arms”, “Glory To Glory” and “I Surrender”.
  • Just like a recent review of Taranda’s latest recording, the pop sounds brought down the overall appeal of the album and ultimately the final rating I gave the recording.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “One With You” and “Still”.


Riley Harrison Clark is already recognized as one of Southern Gospel music’s greatest tenor vocalists.  It is no surprise that he would record a solo album.  There is enough to like about Welcome To Me to give it a listen.

SONG (Tempo)/Style – Songwriter:  1. “Glory To Glory” (Mid)/Progressive Southern Gospel – Jeff Bumgardner, Riley Harrison Clark, Joel Lindsey  2. “Welcome To Me” (Slow)/Progressive Southern Gospel – Jeff Bumgardner, Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey  3. “Still” (Mid)/Easy Listening – Lee Black, Joel Lindsey  4. “I Surrender” (Slow)/Progressive Southern Gospel – Jeff Bumgardner, Riley Harrison Clark, Joel Lindsey  5. “You Will Be Found” (Mid)/Pop – Sarah Sanders  6. “Running Down My Fear” (Fast)/Progressive Southern Gospel – Lee Black, Riley Harrison Clark  7. “Then He Opened His Arms” (Slow)/Progressive Southern Gospel – Valerie Dacus, Randall Garland, Wayne Haun, Joel Lindsey  8. “One With You” (Mid)/Pop – Wayne Haun, Barry Raccio  9. “Remember His Faithfulness” (Slow)/Progressive Southern Gospel – Lee Black, Riley Harrison Clark, Sue C Smith

All The Way: Shireys


  • Album:  All The Way
  • Artist:  Shireys
  • Label:  Custom
  • Style:  Traditional, Appalachian
  • Release Date:  02/23/18
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music)
  • Running Time:  48 Minutes


Day two of our final week of 2018 album reviews takes a look at the latest album from the Shireys; All The Way.

It was a result of a single song performance on the 2018 National Quartet Convention broadcast that caused me to give this group a listen.  All The Way is my introduction to the music of the Shireys.

The Shireys is a family trio out of South Carolina composed of daughter Rachael Flowers (lead/soprano), father Wayne Shirey (baritone) and mother Darlene Shirey (alto).  The Shireys sing traditional Southern Gospel music with Appalachian sounds; think McKameys or Singing Cookes.


  • That song I heard on the 2018 NQC broadcast that caused me to listen to this recording; “Because Of The Blood”.  This was the stand out song on All The Way and also happens to be the group’s current radio single.
  • There was a block of songs in the middle of the recording that deserve a listen.  The Joseph Habedank/Dianne Wilkinson co-write, “Journey To His Throne” would be a strong choice for radio single possibilities.  A great up-tempo, convention style song.
  • Rachael then follows that up with the country flavored ballad, “Why Should I Worry”.  This style is the Shireys at their best.
  • That Appalachian style is evident with Darlene’s country alto vocal.  She turns in a nice cover of the Felecia Shiflett classic, “Empty Vessel” which was a top ten song for the Kingsmen in 1984/1985.
  • Father, Wayne Shirey has a stand out song with “Miracle Waiting To Happen”.  Another country-style song.
  • While the first half of All The Way is stronger than the second half, there is a progressive Southern Gospel song near the end of the recording, “Awake”, that deserves a listen.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “Because Of The Blood”, “Journey To His Throne”, “Why Should I Worry”, “Miracle Waiting To Happen”, “Awake”, “Empty Vessel” and “Watching And Waiting”.
  • I think All The Way would have been a stronger listen if the album was reduced to the 9 best songs.  I would have taken the first 8 songs on the album, added “Awake” and cut the rest.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “I Met The Master”, “Love Goes A Mighty Long Way” and “I Must Be Getting Closer”.


I was pleasantly surprised with my introduction to the music of the Shireys.  While the group attempted to do too much with the number of songs on All The Way, there is a strong handful of songs that deserve your attention.

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Watching And Waiting” (Fast)/Ensemble – Victoria Bowlin  2. “That’s How You Know” (Mid/Fast)/Rachael – Joseph Habedank, Dianne Wilkinson  3. “Miracle Waiting To Happen” (Slow)/Wayne – Larry Collie  4. “Empty Vessel” (Mid)/Darlene – Felecia Shiflett  5. “Because Of The Blood” (Mid)/Rachael – Victoria Bowlin, Jacob Crisp  6. “Journey To His Throne” (Fast)/Wayne – Joseph Habedank, Dianne Wilkinson  7. “Why Should I Worry” (Slow)/Rachael – Ricky Simpson  8. “We’re Almost Home” (Fast)/Darlene – Victoria Bowlin  9. “I’m Not The Same” (Fast)/Rachael – Larry Collie  10. “I Met The Master” (Slow)/Wayne – Mosie Lister  11. “Love Goes A Mighty Long Way” (Fast)/Rachael – Joseph Habedank, Dianne Wilkinson  12. “I Must Be Getting Closer” (Slow)/Darlene – Ronny Hinson  13. “Awake” (Mid)/Rachael – Victoria Bowlin  14. “All The Way” (Slow)/Darlene; Rachael – Phil Cross

Our Story: Three Bridges


  • Album:  Our Story
  • Artist:  Three Bridges
  • Label:  Sonlite
  • Style:  Progressive
  • Release Date:  09/28/18
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music)

    • Running Time:  42 Minutes


Today, starts an entire week of the final album reviews of 2018.  To kick it off is the latest album from Three Bridges; Our Story.

Three Bridges returns to Sonlite Records (Crossroads) for the release of Our Story.  The album continues the trio’s progressive, almost blues style Southern Gospel music.

Three Bridges is composed of Jeremie Hudson (tenor), Shannon Smith (lead) and founding member Elliott McCoy (baritone).


  • Three Bridges is not afraid of mid to up-tempo songs.  It really makes for a good listen when 8 of the 11 songs are in this range.
  • The highlight of Our Story is the Brandon Todd Wright penned, “Nothing But”.  Shannon Smith adds some blues vocals to make for a strong radio single contender.
  • The one slower tempo number that deserves a listen is “My Story”.  The vocals are accompanied by some orchestration, not the other way around; which was a huge issue with a prior album review.
  • The album kicks off with two rollicking songs that sets up the mood for the rest of the album.  Give both “Count It Victory” and “Down The Road To Damascus” some attention.
  • Tenor, Jeremie Hudson gets one feature with “Faith Shines Brighter”.  Wish we would’ve gotten more from Jeremie.
  • The album’s first single, “Good News Never Gets Old”, was a good choice.  Another fun, up-tempo song that will have you singing along.
  • Don’t want to leave the review without mentioning another strong ballad, “Live The Gospel”.
  • Kudos to Tre’ Corley on producing an enjoyable listen.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “Nothing But”, “My Story”, “Count It Victory”, “Live The Gospel”, “Faith Shines Brighter”, “Down The Road To Damascus” and “Gonna Keep Livin”.
  • “Like Jesus Did” fell into the trap of the orchestration overpowering the vocals.  The horns were too much.
  • Wish tenor, Jeremie Hudson would’ve been featured a bit more.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Like Jesus Did” and “God Did It”.


Our Story is an enjoyable listen.  I liked how the group decided to record a majority of mid to up-tempo songs.  You’ll definitely have several songs to add to your musical playlists.

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Count It Victory” (Mid/Fast)/Shannon – Castro Coleman, Melvin Williams  2. “Down The Road To Damascus” (Fast)/Elliott – Glenn Ashworth, Glen Bates  3. “My Story” (Slow)/Ensemble – Jason Ingram, Michael Weaver  4. “Good News Never Gets Old” (Fast)/Shannon – John Darin Rowsey, Kristi Fitzwater, Bev Herrema, Dixie Phillips  5. “Like Jesus Did” (Fast)/Shannon – Richard Scott Jacobs Jr  6. “Faith Shines Brighter” (Fast)/Jeremie – Dixie Phillips, Belinda Smith, Sue C Smith  7. “Live The Gospel” (Slow)/Shannon – Gina Boe, Marty Funderburk  8. “God Did It” (Fast)/Ensemble – Evelyn Agee  9. “Nothing But” (Mid)/Shannon – Brandon Todd Wright  10. “Gonna Keep Livin” (Mid)/Shannon – Ronny Hinson  11. “The King Of Love My Shepherd Is” (Mid)/Ensemble – Henry Baker, Spence Peppard, Brandon Todd Wright