I am currently a resident of North Carolina.  I’ve grown up around Southern Gospel music.  It is a hobby of mine that caused me to create this blog.  If you have any questions for me you can email me at sogospelbackrow@gmail.com.


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Steve!!!
    I can’t wait to read all of your posts! Are you going to post CD reviews?? If so, Can I send you a copy of our new CD???

  2. Ross, I haven’t decided if I will do full CD reviews. There are so many other great bloggers already doing that. Send me an email and I can provide you an address to send the CD, but I can’t guarantee a review will be done. Thanks.

  3. I didn’t recognize any of the artists, but I liked #3.
    My biggest thing is finding places to HEAR the artists. We don’t have a southern gospel station. It would be great if you had a post listing all the places to hear Southern Gospel online. I like the new stuff/songs.

  4. Hi Steve….what a nice surprise to find that you had put up our “This is How it is….Live” record….thank you so much!!!!!

    Ann Downing

  5. Hello Steve. I don’t know that we have ever met. ? I found your site by doing a random search on Google. Great information here and very accurate. Thanks for ranking “Trust the Truth” as your #1 for Poet Voices. I tend to agree. Ha Ha. Keep doing what your doing. God Bless.

  6. Hey Steve! I am enjoying the blog that you have created. What I love about the blog is that you rank the best southern gospel albums released by year. This has to be one of my favorite features next to the Personal Vault.

    Please keep up the great work and don’t forget to check out my blog at anytime. God bless!

  7. Steve, Thank you for listing Big Singing Day by the Speer Family as the Number One LP in the Ten On Ten article dated March 6, 2012. My dad wrote the title track along with his songwriting partner, Gene Coulter. They were always very proud that the Speer’s not only recorded their song, but made it the title of the album.

    Randy Speck

  8. Hey. I’m looking for a southern gospel song but I don’t know the title or the artist. Maybe you can help. The chorus goes “Go into the house, find out what you have…You’ll never be blessed. Sometimes the miracles starts with what you have left.” Recognize it?

  9. Hey Steve,

    Love your blog. You posted a clip of the Perrys “I Hear Them Singing” off their “The Best Four You” project. I used to have that cassette, but can’t find it. Would you happen to have the cassette with the song “Glory Divine”? I love that song and would love to have a copy of it again. I cannot find it on eBay or Amazon. I have contacted the Perrys and Randy Perry both, but no one can help. Would you be able to help? Thanks so much and may God continue to bless you.

  10. The original Tennesseans as far as i can tell was formed in 1951 in Nashville . if you look at my webb page and go to about you will see a picture that was made at the Kentucky State convention in 1956 you will also see a record that was recorded around 1954.Larrymayfield at FB

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