Personal Vault – ‘Sweeter Rain’

Recently I have been using the personal vault feature to highlight rare, one of kind, type recordings.  Several months ago I featured songwriter Marcia Henry and a group she had in the late 1980’s known as Latter Rain.  In this personal vault selection I pulled out another songwriter/artist.

Ben Storie is becoming a house hold name among Southern Gospel songwriters, writing or helping co-write recent hit singles “Applause” (Talley Trio), “All In A Sunday’s Work” (Anchormen), “Blood On My Hands” (Old Paths/Skyline Boys) and “Joyride” (Ivan Parker) among others.

In the late 1990’s Ben Storie traveled and sang in a mixed trio, based out of Oklahoma, known as Sweeter Rain.  The group recorded a couple of albums before falling off the scene.  Their sound could be compared to that of the Martins or Talley Trio.

Listen to audio sound bytes of a 1998 recording from Sweeter Rain.  Enjoy!