Best Radio Songs Of The 1980’s: #38

Continuing the countdown of the best Southern Gospel radio songs of 1980s finds us at #38.

The Hinsons had already established themselves as one of the best groups in the industry, during the 1970’s.  Giving listeners classics like “Camp Meeting Days”, “Hallelujah Meetin”, “That I Could Still Go Free”, “Touch Of The Master’s Strong Hand” and “You Can’t Hold Back The Dawning” to name a few.

But the group’s first #1 song on the Southern Gospel radio singles chart wouldn’t come until July 1982 with, “God’s Gonna Do The Same For You And Me”.  The song was found on the Hinsons 1981 Calvary Records release, Bubblin’.


The Southern Gospel Notebook: August 1983

Sorry for my absence, but the busyness of life keeps you from your hobbies at times.  So, today I thought I would offer another page from my Southern Gospel notebook.  As a kid, into my teen years, I wrote down my twenty favorite songs every month.

I started this in July 1982 and continued until December 1994.  Today’s post took my notebook entry from August 1983.  These were my twenty favorite songs.  Enjoy!

**Music is on the sidebar as a playlist**

The Southern Gospel Notebook: July 1984

Before I left for vacation, I posted about several notebooks I found while cleaning the garage.  As a kid, into my teen years, I wrote down my twenty favorite songs every month.

I started this in July 1982 and continued until December 1994.  The response was overwhelming to my first post and therefore it will continue.

Today’s post took my notebook entry from July 1984.  These were my twenty favorite songs.  Enjoy!

**Music is on the sidebar as a playlist**

Summer Vacation And A Found Notebook

This post will be the last until Monday July 17th, as this boy heads out on summer vacation.

As I was doing some cleaning this past week I came across a box in the garage with several notebooks I hadn’t seen in years.  When I was a kid, I used to pull out all my favorite record albums and play my favorite songs, acting like Mr DJ.

In July 1982, I started writing down my 20 favorite songs every month.  I kept up with this every month through December 1994.  It brought back memories when I was a youngster and showed me just how much Southern Gospel music impacted my life as a young boy, into my teen years.

So, I thought as I am away on vacation I would share with you what those 20 favorite songs were that I wrote down in July 1982.  The music is found on the sidebar of the website.  Now that I found these notebooks, expect more of these personal features going forward.

Southern Gospel Clones

In the case of today’s post, a clone is an artist that duplicates, imitates or closely resembles another artist in appearance, performance or style.

Today’s post is not meant to be a bad thing (as in the myriad of carbon copy artists in the industry), but one that will take a Southern Gospel artist from the past and match them to an artist of today that best resembles/carries on the sound of the great artist of the past.  I will continue this feature with several more posts.

  • Downings match is the Taylors
  • Florida Boys match is Freedom Quartet
  • Happy Goodmans match is the Perrys
  • Hinsons match is the Hinson Family
  • Mid South Boys match is Akins
  • Oak Ridge Boys match is Triumphant

So with the artists in today’s grouping, do you agree with my choices or do you feel other artists match closer to the great artists of the past?

Best Album Openers: “Two Winning Hands”

hinsons1982hinsongsmaxLets start a new week by taking a look at another of Southern Gospel’s best album openers.

That opening song on an album sets the tone for the entire recording.  It sets the listener up for whats in store.

The second song in the series comes from the Hinsons’ 1982 recording, Hinsongs.  “Two Winning Hands” is one of several great album openers from the group.

One of the many songs from the pen of Ronny Hinson; a true master composer.

Smack Down!! – “Since You Gave Me A Song”

hinsons1974glimpseofglory150This week’s smack down feature highlights the recent cover by Jay Parrack and Vocal Event of the Hinsons, “Since You Gave Me A Song”.

This Kenny Hinson penned tune was originally recorded by the Hinsons in 1974 on the LP, Touch Of Hinson, Glimpse Of Glory.  Which version comes out on top.  You decide.

  • Artist – Hinsons
  • Album – Touch Of Hinson, Glimpse Of Glory
  • Release Year – 1974
  • Featured Vocalists – Kenny Hinson (1st Verse)


  • vocalevent2015whispers150Artist – Jay Parrack and Vocal Event
  • Album – Sometimes He Whispers
  • Release Year – 2015
  • Featured Vocalist – Anthony Hallman (2nd Verse)

Southern Gospel Tidbits

HinsonsDID YOU KNOW?:  The month of August was very good for the Hinsons in the 1980’s when it came to chart success.  They ended up with four #1 songs during the decade that were all at the #1 spot during the month of August.

  • August 1982 – “God’s Gonna Do The Same For You And Me”
  • August 1983 – “Two Winning Hands”
  • August 1984 – “Call Me Gone”
  • August 1988 – “Mercy Built A Bridge”

The August success didn’t stop there as the following songs were top five hits for the Hinsons during the month of August.

  • August 1981 – “Till The Land”
  • August 1986 – “Let Me Tell You His Name Again”
  • August 1987 – “Soul Filling Station”

*Video Credit (Scot Eaves)