The Cheese Factor – “Go Jonah”

The Cathedrals are not even immune from pure Southern Gospel cheese.  This week’s cheese factor selection was suggested, via email, by David Bruce Murray.  The Cathedrals recorded a re-write of the Oak Ridge Boys country mega song “Elvira” on a 1982 custom recording Oh Happy Day.  The song, “Go Jonah”, took the “Elvira” melody and attempted to make a gospel song out of it.

While the song may be fun, one can’t deny that it belongs in the cheese factor.  The Kingsboys recorded the song around this time period and more recently Triumphant Quartet was found recording and performing this song.  This week’s cheese factor even comes with a YouTube clip of the Cathedrals performing “Go Jonah”.

So on a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate “Go Jonah” in regards to its ‘cheese factor’?