Make It Count: The Sound


  • Album:  Make It Count
  • Artist:  The Sound
  • Label:  New Day
  • Style:  Progressive, Modern Country
  • Release Date:  11/29/19
  • Streaming:  Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)
  • Running Time:  40 Minutes


Today we take a look at the new album from The Sound; Make It Count.

The Sound is one of the biggest breakthrough artists of 2019.  They released a memories album back in February and since that time, signed with New Day Records (a division of Daywind), had two top 40 hits and now release Make It Count.

The Sound provides a progressive Southern Gospel sound mixed with modern country overtones.  The trio’s sound is built around lead vocalist Levi Mills.  The trio is completed by father Rob Mills (baritone vocals) and brother Jacob Mills (tenor vocalist).


  • Levi Mills is already well on his way as establishing himself as one of Southern Gospel music’s great lead vocalists.  The album kicks off with a mid to up-tempo progressive song, “City Of Joy”.  This song sets the pace for the entire recording.  One of the best recorded songs of 2019.
  • The album’s first single, “Can I Get A Witness”, is a power house tune from the pens of Brent Baxter, Jason Cox and Kenna West.  I can’t imagine this song not becoming The Sound’s first top ten song.
  • Another strong radio single choice is the up-tempo country flavored, “Great God Almighty”.  I put this song on repeat several times before finishing the album.  I thoroughly enjoyed the instrument choices on this song and the entire album.
  • One of the strongest lyrics on Make It Count comes from the pen of Drew Cline, “I Am Becoming”.  Levi interprets this song perfectly.  Another must listen!
  • Jacob’s one feature deserves a listen; “It Was Grace”.  There can never be too many songs about Grace.
  • Father, Rob Mills decides to tackle the Steeles classic, “On the Road To Emmaus”.  The group puts their own spin on the song.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “City Of Joy“, “Can I Get A Witness”, “Great God Almighty”, “I Am Becoming”, “It Was Grace”, “First Church Of Mercy”, “On The Road To Emmaus” and “Rain”.
  • Not that I got tired of hearing Levi’s voice, but I would have liked to hear at least one more feature from Jacob.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Make It Count”.


2019 will go down as the breakthrough year for The Sound.  This group is destined for top trio status in Southern Gospel music.  I didn’t want Make It Count to end.  One of the best Southern Gospel albums of 2019!

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “City Of Joy” (Mid/Fast)/Ensemble; Levi – Michael Neale  2. “It Was Grace” (Mid)/Jacob – Hunter Leath, Rob Mills  3. “First Church Of Mercy” (Slow)/Levi – Lee Black, Aaron Wilburn  4. “Make It Count” (Mid)/Levi Jason Cox, Rob Mills, Kenna West  5. “Can I Get A Witness” (Slow)/Levi – Brent Baxter, Jason Cox, Kenna West  6. “On The Road To Emmaus” (Mid/Fast)/Rob; Levi – Jeff Steele  7. “I Am Becoming” (Slow)/Levi – Drew Cline  8. “Great God Almighty” (Mid/Fast)/Levi – David Carr, Mark Lee, Johnny Powell  9. “Something About Love” (Mid)/Levi – Lee Black, Jason Cox, Sue C Smith  10. “Rain” (Mid)/Levi – Jacob Mills, Levi Mills

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