VOTE: Best Southern Gospel Album Of The 1990’s: Round 3

Today begins voting in round three, in our search for the best Southern Gospel album of the 1990’s.

Each reader is allowed ONE VOTE PER DAY.  Polls for round 3 will close Sunday (03/31/18).


3 thoughts on “VOTE: Best Southern Gospel Album Of The 1990’s: Round 3

  1. Several of my favorites did not make it out the previous rounds, but there are still some good matchups here. Bracket 4 contains some really good albums. It’s especially a tough matchup between “Radio Days” and “Pillars of Faith”!

    I will pick a live album over a studio version almost every time, so I am pulling for “Let’s Have Church” and “Chapter X Live”. Unfortunately the 90’s didn’t have nearly as many great live albums as the previous decades, and since then the great live albums have almost disappeared.

    I am predicting a finals matchup between “Pillars of Faith” and “High and Lifted Up”, but we’ll have to wait and see if I am correct.

    1. The winner should be GVB’s God Is Good but it will be GC’s Pillar’s Of Faith with GV’s Far Beyond This Place and whatever Cathedrals album ranks highest at 2nd and 3rd.

      1. It should be Pillars of Faith, but I will be shocked if a Cathedral project doesn’t win.

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