It’s Real: Old Paths


  • Album:  It’s Real
  • Artist:  Old Paths
  • Label:  Sonlite
  • Style:  Progressive
  • Release Date:  03/22/19
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music/Spotify)
  • Running Time:  25 Minutes


2019 is shaping up to be a great year for Southern Gospel music.  Today, we take a look at the new EP from the Old Paths; It’s Real.

Since returning to the recording scene in 2017 with Long Run, the Old Paths gives listeners a second EP with It’s Real.  This new recording has 7 new songs, all with a progressive Southern Gospel style.

The 2019 edition of the Old Paths is composed of Steve Ladd (tenor vocalist), Tim Rackley (lead vocalist), Doug Roark (baritone vocalist) and Daniel Ashmore (bass vocalist).


  • No doubt the Old Paths chose seven songs from the industry’s biggest writers.
  • The Old Paths have had success with Rodney Birch songs in the past (“Battle Stand”/’God’s Great”).  Tim is featured on another Rodney penned song, “When It Comes To Jesus”.  This has to be a future radio single!
  • Speaking of singles, the first from the EP is the up tempo, “Lord Knows”.  Didn’t take long for this song to make my musical playlists.  A great feature from bass vocalist Daniel Ashmore.
  • With only seven songs, the album moves along at a pretty fast clip.  Total listening time clocks in at 25 minutes.  One of those up tempo songs that deserves a listen is the album’s opening track, “I Need Jesus To Walk On The Water”.
  • The only ballad on It’s Real is the Tim feature, “The God I Know”.  A definite Southern Gospel friendly song from the pens of Lee Black and Jerry Salley.
  • The EP closes with a strong Steve Ladd feature, “Come Sunday Morning”.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “When It Comes To Jesus”, “Lord Knows”, “Come Sunday Morning”, “The God I Know” and “I Need Jesus To Walk On The Water”.
  • Now that they have given listeners two EP recordings in a row, it is time for the Old Paths to give listeners a full length album.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “The Truth Comes Shining Through”.


Progressive Southern Gospel quartet enthusiasts will have this album on repeat.  All seven songs could easily find a home in your musical playlists.  It’s Real is another strong recording released in 2019.

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “I Need Jesus To Walk On The Water” (Fast)/Tim – Sandy Knight  2. “The Truth Comes Shining Through” (Fast)/Steve – Rebecca J Peck, Dianne Wilkinson  3. “Lord Knows” (Fast)/Daniel – Larry McCoy, Jason Cox, Kenna West  4. “The God I Know” (Slow)/Tim – Lee Black, Jerry Salley  5. “It’s Real” (Mid)/Doug – Janice Crowe, Kenna West  6. “When It Comes To Jesus” (Mid)/Tim – Rodney Birch  7. “Come Sunday Morning” (Mid)/Steve – Jason Cox, Kenna West


2 thoughts on “It’s Real: Old Paths

  1. Can you define for me: What is an EP album? Vs. LP album?? Is it length, or number of songs recorded? I had never thought of these terms and you call attention to the Old Paths releasing the EP albums, in this email.

    Please answer my question??

    Thank you very much…..

    Long time subscriber,

    Bobbie Witt Wiseman

    1. Hey Bobbie LP is Long Play and EP is extended play. A new categorie of CDs. Used to record labels would put one or two singles on a 12 song album and you had to purchase the entire record to get maybe one good song and even filler songs.

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