Our Story: Three Bridges


  • Album:  Our Story
  • Artist:  Three Bridges
  • Label:  Sonlite
  • Style:  Progressive
  • Release Date:  09/28/18
  • Digital Download:  Yes (Apple Music)

    • Running Time:  42 Minutes


Today, starts an entire week of the final album reviews of 2018.  To kick it off is the latest album from Three Bridges; Our Story.

Three Bridges returns to Sonlite Records (Crossroads) for the release of Our Story.  The album continues the trio’s progressive, almost blues style Southern Gospel music.

Three Bridges is composed of Jeremie Hudson (tenor), Shannon Smith (lead) and founding member Elliott McCoy (baritone).


  • Three Bridges is not afraid of mid to up-tempo songs.  It really makes for a good listen when 8 of the 11 songs are in this range.
  • The highlight of Our Story is the Brandon Todd Wright penned, “Nothing But”.  Shannon Smith adds some blues vocals to make for a strong radio single contender.
  • The one slower tempo number that deserves a listen is “My Story”.  The vocals are accompanied by some orchestration, not the other way around; which was a huge issue with a prior album review.
  • The album kicks off with two rollicking songs that sets up the mood for the rest of the album.  Give both “Count It Victory” and “Down The Road To Damascus” some attention.
  • Tenor, Jeremie Hudson gets one feature with “Faith Shines Brighter”.  Wish we would’ve gotten more from Jeremie.
  • The album’s first single, “Good News Never Gets Old”, was a good choice.  Another fun, up-tempo song that will have you singing along.
  • Don’t want to leave the review without mentioning another strong ballad, “Live The Gospel”.
  • Kudos to Tre’ Corley on producing an enjoyable listen.
  • Strongest songs included in order: “Nothing But”, “My Story”, “Count It Victory”, “Live The Gospel”, “Faith Shines Brighter”, “Down The Road To Damascus” and “Gonna Keep Livin”.
  • “Like Jesus Did” fell into the trap of the orchestration overpowering the vocals.  The horns were too much.
  • Wish tenor, Jeremie Hudson would’ve been featured a bit more.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Like Jesus Did” and “God Did It”.


Our Story is an enjoyable listen.  I liked how the group decided to record a majority of mid to up-tempo songs.  You’ll definitely have several songs to add to your musical playlists.

SONG (tempo)/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “Count It Victory” (Mid/Fast)/Shannon – Castro Coleman, Melvin Williams  2. “Down The Road To Damascus” (Fast)/Elliott – Glenn Ashworth, Glen Bates  3. “My Story” (Slow)/Ensemble – Jason Ingram, Michael Weaver  4. “Good News Never Gets Old” (Fast)/Shannon – John Darin Rowsey, Kristi Fitzwater, Bev Herrema, Dixie Phillips  5. “Like Jesus Did” (Fast)/Shannon – Richard Scott Jacobs Jr  6. “Faith Shines Brighter” (Fast)/Jeremie – Dixie Phillips, Belinda Smith, Sue C Smith  7. “Live The Gospel” (Slow)/Shannon – Gina Boe, Marty Funderburk  8. “God Did It” (Fast)/Ensemble – Evelyn Agee  9. “Nothing But” (Mid)/Shannon – Brandon Todd Wright  10. “Gonna Keep Livin” (Mid)/Shannon – Ronny Hinson  11. “The King Of Love My Shepherd Is” (Mid)/Ensemble – Henry Baker, Spence Peppard, Brandon Todd Wright


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