Blacklisted: No Voting Allowed

It is a shame I have to prepare this post, but adults act like children sometimes, so here we go.

I have this annual honors to recognize those artists/songs/albums that defined the year that was.  I only select the nominees.  I allow my readers to vote for the winners.

With that said, some individuals have been blacklisted from voting because they attempted to vote more than once per day.  The polling software I use is designed to blacklist any IP address if the rules of the voting is not followed.  That is the only way to make it a fair outcome.

Note, if you have been blacklisted, it is only in the poll where more than one vote per day was attempted.  You will be allowed to vote in the remaining polls, as long as the voting rule is followed.

I normally don’t police the comments section, but personal attacks against an individual will not be tolerated.

Folks, this is supposed to be fun.  I know individuals get passionate about things they enjoy, but know your limits.  With that said, let’s have fun and finish out the voting without any issues.


One thought on “Blacklisted: No Voting Allowed

  1. Yeah, you would think Christians would act like it, BUT the urge to stuff the ballot box takes over. Sorry that you couldn’t trust the process to be followed in a Holy Spirit lead way. (It was spirit lead…………….. just not HS lead.)

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