Best Southern Gospel Album Of The 1980s: March Madness Competition

Hello, my faithful readers.  In tying in my re-visit of 1980’s Southern Gospel music, in 2018, I thought I would have a fun bracket challenge competition.

I want my readers to have some fun by voting for best Southern Gospel album of the 1980’s, through various elimination rounds and ultimately crowning a champion.

I want all my readers to use this weekend to list in the comments section the best albums from the 1980’s that should compete in the competition.  I will need 64 albums to complete the bracket, so list as many as you think deserve a spot.

Any album released between the years 1980 and 1989 is eligible.  First round voting starts next Friday (03/09/18).


7 thoughts on “Best Southern Gospel Album Of The 1980s: March Madness Competition

  1. From Out of The West they Came- The Hinsons
    One The Road- The Hinsons (Osceola, Arkansas)
    Kingsmen- Live In Chattanooga
    Kingsmen Live Naturally
    Mid South Boys- City Lights
    Mid Soputh Boys- Boys Will Be Boys
    Hemphills- Workin’

  2. The Nelons Thanks
    The Nelons In One Accord
    The Nelons Journeys
    The Nelons (Rex Nelon Singers) We Shall Behold the King
    The Hemphills I Can Smile
    The Hemphills Revival
    The Spencers Praying
    The Talleys United
    The Talleys Work Of Heart
    The Talleys Wherever I Am
    The Speers He’s Still In the Fire
    The Cathedrals Live In Atlanta
    The Cathedrals Something Special
    The Goodmans Chosen
    The Singing Americans Black & White and Live & Alive
    Gold City Goin Home
    Kingsmen Better In Person
    Kingsmen Stand Up At Opryland
    Lester’s Legacy & Thank God For Kids
    McKameys Gone To Meetin Live and Unique
    Mid South Boys One Of A Kind and Down To Earth
    Hayes Family Singing From the Heart and the original album Heaven Is Waiting For Me was on (title? with Eddie Crook)
    Hoppers Come to the Wedding, Citizen Of Two Worlds and Smoke Of the Battle
    McGruders Cuts Of Many Colors
    Big Mo & Chosen Live (not sure of exact title but had a song about the Bloodline)
    Janet Paschal I Give You Jesus and Janet Paschal
    Wendy Bagwell and the Sunlighters It Ain’t Love Until You Give It Away
    New Song Revival (New Journey) The Good Life
    Inspirations Sing Me A Gospel Song
    Charles Johnson & the Revivers There Is A Guarantee In Jesus
    Jeff & Sheri Easter A New Tradition and Homefolks

  3. This should be fun! The 80’s were probably my favorite decade for southern gospel. I will try not to repeat the great albums that have already been mentioned, but I would like to add a few more to the list.

    Travelin Live
    Master Builder
    I Just Started Living

    Gold City:
    Double Take
    Movin Up

    Live at the University of Alabama
    Mississippi Live

    Heaven Bound:
    5th Anniversary Live
    In Concert
    We Are Those Children
    Thinkin Bout Home
    Just No Stopping Us Now
    Look What God Has Done

    Lift The Roof Off
    Song Vineyard

    Louisiana Live

    Florida Boys:
    Reaching Out
    We All Are One
    Take Me Back

    Fire On Stage
    Out of This World
    Ready or Not
    Jesus Fan

    Primitive Quartet:
    Live in Hominy Valley
    My Hope is in the Blood

    God’s Little People

  4. Trying not to repeat what was mentioned before.

    The Talleys – Typical Day (Still their Best Album to date)
    The Nelons – Get Ready
    Kelly Nelon Thompson – Called By Love
    The Hoppers – Stand For Jesus
    Gold City – Goin’ Home

  5. McKameys: More Than Music, Sing Praises
    Greenes: Family Praise, 10th Anniversary Live!
    Pattons: Going Up, Certified Gospel
    Roy Knight Singers: Little David, Victory
    Abercrombies: From the Heart
    Quinton Mills: Uncompromised
    Sorrow Family: Singing for Jesus
    Freemans: Solid, Have Arrived Live!
    Perry Sisters: His Name Be Praised, Expressions of Truth, We Shall Stand Live!
    Cedar Ridge: Heartfelt
    Florida Boys: Reaching Out, Timeless
    Lesters: Hold On Tight
    Speers: Interceding, Hallelujah
    Wendy Bagwell & the Sunliters: Above It All, Absolutely Live!, Let’s Turn the Lights On

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