Best Radio Songs Of The 1980’s: #39

A couple of weeks ago I started a year-long series remembering 1980’s Southern Gospel music.  I am taking the year to countdown the best Southern Gospel radio songs of the 1980’s.

At #39 is the breakthrough song for St Louis based family group, the Lesters.  By this point in the group’s career, they were already celebrating over 50 years in Gospel music.

In 1979, the Lesters released Ain’t God Good, on QCA Records.  The song was released to radio and by mid 1980, “Ain’t God Good” became the first top five Southern Gospel radio single for the group.

It would launch them in to the mainstream and would start what would become a great decade of hits for this family.


One thought on “Best Radio Songs Of The 1980’s: #39

  1. Ginger was (I guess still is) a great arranger. I loved The Return Of El Shaddai and Campmeeting. They’ve had several good sopranos. My favorite was Trisha Watson in the late 80s or early 90s. They did an album with Homeland called In Your Honor that is one of my all time favorites. Every song is great. Their live version of Jesus Is Coming Soon with Tim Parton’s Piano work is killer on this album.

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