Southern Gospel 2018: Flash Drives; (1) For $20, (2) For $30

I saw something on the Booth Brothers website in the fall of 2017 and never got around to writing about it.  I thought it time I offered my thoughts.

The group is selling a flash drive of (40) songs, that includes the trio’s three most recent albums plus a hymns recording.  The flash drive retails for $40; basically $1 per song, which is what a listener would pay if they downloaded the song from a digital download site.

Is this a unique way for artists to sell their music digitally without ever having to list it on a digital download site?  Would listeners be willing to purchase a flash drive?  Could this ultimately replace CDs in the Southern Gospel marketplace?

Thoughts?  Is this a genius idea or something that will never catch on?


5 thoughts on “Southern Gospel 2018: Flash Drives; (1) For $20, (2) For $30

  1. I still want CDs, so they would be of no interest to me (although if given a chance between downloading myself for the same price or getting the flash drive I would likely choose the other if I wanted all the songs). But, we are getting to a time too where new cars are set up for MP3 instead of having a CD player, and a lot of homes are not replacing their CD players (if they still have them). We are at the time like they were years back when LPs started disappearing and CDs (at least in Christian circles) were not as big of a deal and projects were released on cassette only. CDs are on their way out, but I hope they stay for a lot longer.

    Ultimately, if SG artists want to sell their music at concerts they will either need to do this, sell downloads or download keys, have a kisok or something. At least this is something where they get something tangible (with the artist’s name) and can even listen on their way home if they have the means. The down side is having to buy so many albums to make it worth their while. The $1. a song is fairly normal now (although $1.29 seems to be the price a lot too these days),. People are used to the 3/$25 CD deal, so 4/$20 is better. But they can mix and match with the CD special, buy for friends, give for gifts etc. Yeah they can buy flash drives, and those having the price broken further helps with that issue.

    I wonder if there will be even more illegal copying going on now. I have made CDRs etc. for nearly 18 years, but there are still some of a certain technical level who might not even own a computer who do not have even the basic skills to do that. But they might be able to copy and paste for a friend if they don’t have the knowledge to copy a CD. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. But, the groups have to do something. Yes, a lot of the Christian base is years behind the times than secular (we saw accompaniment cassettes used far longer than cassettes were elsewhere. But the artists do a lot of direct sales for their income and the time to sell people product is when people are there and revved up from the concert. I wonder about autographs. They might sale more pictures for that purpose since they aren’t going to be autographing CDs at some point.

  2. Let’s see, I can order a thumb drive, have it shipped to me, upload it to my computer, and then transfer it to my phone. Or, I can click on iTunes and download it while at a stoplight on the way to work and listen during the rest of my commute. I’ll be sticking with digital downloads.

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