SWOT Analysis: Ball Brothers

Working in the business world, the SWOT analysis is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses of an organization while also looking at opportunities and threats the organization could face.

This week’s SWOT analysis will take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of the Ball Brothers.


  • The Ball Brothers has some of the tightest harmony of any group in Southern Gospel music.
  • The group is young, which means they have plenty of years to keep providing great music.
  • All four members of the group are now family.  That should allow stability.


  • The group’s youthfulness tends to lead them to record songs that may be a bit too far on the musical spectrum; alienating the Southern Gospel traditionalists.
  • Even after touring with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound several years ago, it seems the Ball Brothers still aren’t on a lot of listener’s radar.


  • Would be nice to see the Ball Brothers team up with some other younger groups in the industry for a tour.  Allow audiences to see the bright future of Southern Gospel music.


  • The Ball Brothers expanding their sound even more and abandoning the Southern Gospel market for the broader contemporary market.
  • The future of Southern Gospel music as a whole affects all artists involved.

***NEXT SWOT ANALYSIS:  Mylon Hayes Family***


2 thoughts on “SWOT Analysis: Ball Brothers

  1. I like and agree with your evaluation of this group. I have followed them 3-4 years, perhaps not quite this long. Male quartets are my favored group, and these young guys have personality, as well as good voices. Have only seen them online for a while….but did see them live in concert, and own one of their CDs… I’m an older person who still loves my SG music, and keep up with it in many ways. Saw them at Lake Gibson Church on my Roku recently, so I actually know who they are and how they present themselves in concert.

  2. I think the biggest issue for me, as to why they aren’t successful live as they seem to be on socia media is that they really just aren’t that great of singers sans vocal processing in the studio. Their live performance lacks strong vocals. They are extremely pitchy, have issues blending and saying their words correctly. Their staging is a little silly at best. Almost reminiscent of a back street boys or *NSYNC cover band singing Christian lyrics. I think it’s their live performances that hold them back greater than anything else. I’ve seen them live multiple times and they just aren’t appealing to me. They make for a good opening group but that’s about it. They have the potential to be better if they will seek out someone to work with them vocally and help correct their staging.

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