2018: A Year To Revisit The 1980’s

Happy 2018.  We are a week in and I’m ready to get back at it.  Thanks for your responses to what you want to see in 2018.  The SWOT analysis feature will return and album reviews will remain.

I also decided while on vacation last week, that I wanted to revisit the 1980’s as a year-long theme in 2018.  Starting next week, I will be begin what I consider to be the (40) best radio songs of the decade.

I will also be looking at the best and worst albums from the decade, while also presenting commentary on the 1980’s and how it compares/contrasts with today’s Southern Gospel.


5 thoughts on “2018: A Year To Revisit The 1980’s

  1. One of the best albums in the 80s or in history was The Sound, The World Needs To Hear ,”! They had three singles that were great.

  2. It sounds like we grew in the same era. I heard it all growing in the 70s and early 80s but really started paying attention to what I was hearing around 1985. So I look forward to your take on the decade!

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