Still: Greater Vision


  • Album:  Still
  • Artist:  Greater Vision
  • Label:  Daywind
  • Style:  Traditional
  • Release Date:  08/04/17
  • Digital Download:  No
  • Running Time:  44 Minutes


Today we take a look at the latest album from Greater Vision, Still.

Greater Vision is coming up on 27 years in Southern Gospel music.  Still marks the 45th recording the group has given listeners in those 27 years.

Still also marks the first Greater Vision recording to not include Gerald Wolfe vocally.  Instead, listeners are treated to newest vocal member Jon Epley.


  • Chris Allman proves why he was voted favorite tenor vocalist at this year’s Singing News fan awards.  He has all the best features on Still.
  • The stand out track is the up-tempo, “Rolled Back Stone”.  This Lee Black/Dianne Wilkinson co-write is a future hit in the making.  Chris performs it perfectly.
  • I can hear Marcia Henry’s touch on the Rodney Griffin co-write, “Nothing To See”.  Kudos to the arrangers who decided to use a crying steel guitar on this country flavored song. Another Chris feature that I absolutely enjoy!
  • Chris also performs his own composition, “God Doesn’t Care”.  The message contained in this song makes it one of the strongest on the recording.  God doesn’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done.
  • The album’s first radio single features and was also written by Rodney.  “Still” is a proclamation type song that may very well top the Southern Gospel radio singles chart.
  • Newest member, Jon Epley, takes the second verse on the up-tempo, “All The Above”.  One you will want to add to your musical playlist.
  • Its been 20 years since Greater Vision recorded “Common Garments”.  Listeners are treated to a cover of what I consider to be one of Griffin’s greatest compositions.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Rolled Back Stone”, “God Doesn’t Care”, “Nothing To See”, “Still”, “All The Above”, “Common Garments”, “His Grave Wrote The Song” and “I Believe It All”.
  • Greater Vision has decided not to make Still available for digital download; not even from their website.  I still don’t understand the reasoning.  I will venture to say that it will be made available at some point, but the newness of the recording will be long passed by then.
  • Have to admit, I missed not having at least one Gerald feature on a Greater Vision recording.  Will have to get used to that.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Forgiven By The Lord” and “Jesus Stood”.


Greater Vision has had a consistent trend of top-notch recordings.  For any listener who thinks Greater Vision is past their prime recording years; I would have to argue the opposite.  This decade has provided some of the trio’s strongest albums.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “There Is Hope”/Chris – Chris Allman, Rodney Griffin  2. “Still“/Rodney – Rodney Griffin  3. “Rolled Back Stone“/Chris – Lee Black, Dianne Wilkinson  4. “I Believe It All”/Ensemble; Chris – Janice Crow  5. “God Doesn’t Care”/Chris – Chris Allman  6. “His Grave Wrote The Song”/Ensemble; Jon – Rodney Griffin  7. “Jesus Stood”/Rodney – Rodney Griffin  8. “Forgiven By The Lord”/Chris – Chris Allman  9. “Common Garments”/Rodney – Rodney Griffin  10. “All The Above”/Ensemble; Jon – Rodney Griffin, Babbie Mason  11. “Nothing To See”/Chris – Rodney Griffin, Marcia Henry  12. “The Gospel”/Rodney – Chris Allman


4 thoughts on “Still: Greater Vision

  1. While looking through the top songs in the 70s thru the 90s I was amazed at how many great hits there was. What happened? Where did all the great songs go? The songs over all now days are not in the same universe. But why? That’s what I want to know. Why does anyone have an idea ?!

  2. I love that Greater Vision is still putting out quality music and I really love the addition of Jon Epley. I do agree that it does seem strange without a Gerald solo. He is without a doubt one of the all time great statesmen of Gospel music and, in this fans mind, a legend.

    As a 30 something, it boggles my mind why artists still refuse to have their music digitally delivered. I’m probably in the minority, but I’m one who usually purchases or (*gasp*) streams music, but also will usually buy a physical copy.

    I honestly do understand the reasoning of it, and have read various arguments by SG artists on facebook. I believe many have well reasoned arguments. I get it. I would, however, love to know how much digitial sales/streaming is hurting SG artists. Why? I look at the normal demographic of an audience and understand many of them do not download or stream. I would assume in person concert physical sales is the majority of sales. Of course, artists such as GV, Second Half, seem to play to much larger and a wide variety of demographics, so it may present a different challenge. I could be very wrong in my assumptions.

  3. If it’s not digital I probably will never buy it. Most hard copy CDs I’ve bought in the past 10 years have been because I’ve grown to like it through digital means.

  4. I am 66 years young and buy all my music via iTunes. Makes absolutely no sense to not make this available digitally. I buy in excess of $400 worth of music-mostly SG- yearly and currently have over 9,000 songs on my PC and phone. I gave away over 600 CD’s this year because they were just taking up space.

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