What Do You Think? Create A Tribute Album…

I started a series where I provide my readers a way to express their view/thoughts on Southern Gospel music.

I thought I would make it fun this time around.  If you were given the task of creating a tribute album for a particular artist:

  1. What artist would you choose?
  2. Which ten songs would be on the tribute album?
  3. Which ten current artists would perform the ten songs you chose?

My example: A Tribute Album to the Lesters

  1. “Ain’t God Good” – Dunaways
  2. “He Didn’t Throw The Clay Away” – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  3. “Gloryland Gold” – Nelons
  4. “The Return Of El Shaddai” – 11th Hour
  5. “I’ll See You Again” – Kingdom Heirs
  6. “Hold On Tight” – Mylon Hayes Family
  7. “I Am” – Hoppers
  8. “He’ll Only Need It For The Weekend” – Joseph Habedank
  9. “No Longer A Stranger” – Ball Brothers
  10. “I Plead The Blood” – Mark Trammell Quartet

7 thoughts on “What Do You Think? Create A Tribute Album…

  1. Ok, this is fun! And I’d buy that Lester’s tribute album! So I’m going with the Nelons. Here are the songs and artists:
    1 O For A Thousand Tongues-Selah
    2 Ain’t No Grave-David Phelps, TaRanda Beene and the Brooklyn Tab Choir
    3 Come Morning-Isaacs
    4 I’m Glad I Know Who Jesus Is-McKameys
    5 In My Father’s House-GVB
    6 Bring My Children Home-11th Hour
    7 I Love to Call His Name-Signature Sound
    8 The Sun’s Coming Up-High Road
    9 Excuse Me Are You Jesus-Booth Bros
    10 Robe And Crown-Janet Paschal, Karen Peck, Charlotte Ritchie, Melody Williams and Katy Peach backed up by the Ball Bros

  2. To The Hoppers: 1 Mission Of Mercy – Perrys
    2 Here I Am – Nelons
    3 Jerusalem – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
    4 Lord Don’t Move That Mountain – McKameys
    5 Shouting Time – Gold City
    6 That’s Him – Karen Peck & New River
    7 Yes I Am – The Taylors
    8 One More Time – Cana’s Voice
    9 Cry Of His Child – Gaither Vocal Band
    10 Milk & Honey – Brian Free & Assurance
    11 From Disgrace To His Grace – Collingsworth Family
    12 Only In The Cross – TaRanda Greene

  3. Good idea for a fun and thought provoking topic!
    I will go with a Gold City tribute album.

    1. What A Lovely Name – Legacy Five
    2. One Scarred Hand – Booth Brothers
    3. I’m Not Giving Up – Kingdom Heirs
    4. Under Control – Triumphant Quartet
    5. In My Robe Of White – Current Gold City
    6. There Rose A Lamb – Collingsworth Family
    7. When I Get Carried Away – Tribute Quartet
    8. Between Me And The Storm – Mark Trammell Quartet
    9. John Saw – Karen Peck and New River
    10.Midnight Cry – Joseph Habedank
    11.Gettin Ready To Leave This World – Signature Sound

    I know I went over the 10 songs but I couldn’t decide which one to eliminate. Also, I tried to avoid groups with former Gold City members (Brian Free, Mike Lefevre, etc). I made an exception with Mark Trammell singing “Between Me And The Storm” because I have wished for Mark to rerecord this song with his own group for a long time.

  4. I’m going to twist this one around a little bit. How about a tribute album to the songs of Rodney Griffin?

    1. My Name is Lazarus-Kingdom Heirs
    2. God Saw A Cross-Mark Trammell Quartet
    3. This Is Mercy-Legacy Five
    4. He’ll Carry Me-Hoppers
    5. I Know I’m Going There-Kingsmen
    6. Faces-Booth Brothers
    7. If Just One More Soul-Collingsworth Family
    8. He’d Still Been God-Guardians
    9. He Lifted Me-Triumphant
    10. The Voice I Could Not Resist-Joseph Habedank
    11. Common Garments-Nelons

  5. My choice has to be the favorite voted songwriter of this website, Dottie Rambo. Hard to choose, but here are my picks, in no particular order:

    1. We Shall Behold Him – Vickie Winans (close second – Sandi Patty)
    2. Behold The Lamb – David Phelps
    3. He Looked Beyond My Fault – Aretha Franklin
    4. I Go To The Rock – Little Richard ** (or Whitney Houston)
    5. Come Spring – Dolly Parton **
    6. He Ain’t Never Done Me Nothin’ But Good – The Isaacs
    7. Mama’s Teaching Angels How To Sing – Ricky Skaggs & The Whites
    8. Sheltered In The Arms Of God – Downings
    9. If That Isn’t Love – Speer Family
    10. Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City – Rambos

    **Eventual release anticipated if the tribute album is able to get released that is already recorded.

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