NQC 2017: Monday Night Recap

Night two of the 2017 National Quartet Convention has wrapped.  Here were the hits and misses.

  • What childhood memories came flooding back during the Squire Parsons/Kingsmen set.  Happy Squire was gracious to share his set with the Kingsmen to sing some classic Kingsmen songs.
  • Give all the awards to the Mylon Hayes Family.  I am a sucker for proper technical singing and this family is one of the best.  Mylon and Wendy have trained their kids to sing with proper technique, something Mylon learned from his own parents.
  • 11th Hour sounded great tonight running through several hit songs, most notably, “He Welcomes The Beggar”.
  • The Erwins were the highlight early in the program with their performance of “He’s Still Alive”.
  • Another young group that continues to excel at their craft is the Ball Brothers.  Their classy, sometimes jazzy sound infused with impeccable harmonies is hard to beat.
  • Thank you Loren Harris for returning to Southern Gospel music.
  • The Whisnants had the longest set of the evening, clocking in just under 30 minutes but they kept it enjoyable with a great set list.

  • Scott Fowler already making money off the latest political issue.  Paint me surprised.  I’m assuming Scott has not read the United States code on patriotic customs and proper respect for the flag.  It clearly states the flag should never be used as wearing apparel or used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever.  Should I boycott Legacy Five now?
  • I didn’t get the Browns set.  By the end it became a train wreck of moos and quacks.
  • The Kingdom Heirs had horrible sound issues at the beginning of their set.
  • Lauren Talley had to carry hosting duties on her shoulders this evening and she did really well.  Her co-host looked like they’d rather been anywhere but there.


**Now to crown the best of the night:

Best single song performances (in order of appearance):  (1) “Chasing After You” – Erwins  (2) “He’s Still Alive” – Erwins  (3) “Mercy Tree” – Ball Brothers  (4) “Never Made A Promise” – Kingdom Heirs  (5) “He Welcomes The Beggar” – 11th Hour  (6) “Beulah Land” – Squire Parsons  (7) “Look For Me At Jesus Feet” – Kingsmen (*Best Individual Performance of the Night)  (8) “Is That The Old Ship Of Zion” – Kingsmen  (9) “Victory Is Mine” – Karen Peck & New River  (10) “Why He Came” – Mylon Hayes Family  (11) “I Call Him Lord” – Whisnants  (12) “Hear The Word Of The Lord” – Kingsmen  (13) “The Light Just Came On” – Hinson Family

Best Set of the Night:  The Squire Parsons/Kingsmen segment.


4 thoughts on “NQC 2017: Monday Night Recap

  1. I turned it off after the Browns fiasco. I have no idea why they thought that the audience wanted encore of that dreadful song. Resumed when KPNR came on.

  2. Great recap. I enjoyed seeing some live streamed footage of the Kingsmen reunion. It was great to see Arthur, Squire, Mark and Ernie up there. I wish they would have added Jerry Martin and Jeremy Peace since they were obviously there and former Kingsmen.

    While many people have differing opinions on the flag controversy, I whole heartedly wish that groups would just let it go and the politics surrounding it. This is coming from a conservative person, raised in the south. I can understand making a “stand” (pardon the pun) at the beginning of convention, but lets not beat the horse all night. Many people listen to southern gospel to get their minds OFF of the things happening in the world and to constantly bring it up wearies me. Of course, this is just my opinion on the matter.

    Also, as much as I like to stay positive, I just don’t get the browns’ act. I’ve seen them before multiple times and have enjoyed some of the music that they’ve released…but yeah…I don’t know.

    I’m really enjoying the Erwins, Mylon Hayes Family and 11th Hour’s music these days.

  3. Re: Browns. They have staged that song at NQC the last two, maybe 3, years. As for getting the Browns set, I’m guessing somewhere in the NQC program book, you will find the Browns listed as one of the sponsors of the NQC. I know that last year they were a sponsor in the program book because I remember pointing it out during the Browns set and saying, “Well, that explains this train wreck.”.

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