Leroy ‘Spiritual Man’ Howard

Wendy Bagwell was known more for his comedy than his singing.  The group placed at least one Wendy story on every album Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters recorded.

On the group’s 1991 album, Wendy recorded a story called “Leroy Spiritual Man Howard”.  It was indicative of the Southern Gospel industry during that era.  Something we can still see today.

That brings me to today’s post, and this question.  Are you ok with artists creating or embellishing emotional stories from the stage to create a certain atmosphere/mood with the audience?

A fair portion of those ‘stories’ you hear by artists from the concert stage are either 100% made up or largely embellished.  If the artist’s intent is to create a certain atmosphere with the audience to set up a specific song; are you ok with the story not being 100% true?


4 thoughts on “Leroy ‘Spiritual Man’ Howard

  1. Obvious exaggerations for comedy doesn’t bother me. Trying to create a “spiritual”atmosphere with made up or exaggerated stories is sickening.

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