Southern Gospel Clones

In the case of today’s post, a clone is an artist that duplicates, imitates or closely resembles another artist in appearance, performance or style.

Today’s post is not meant to be a bad thing (as in the myriad of carbon copy artists in the industry), but one that will take a Southern Gospel artist from the past and match them to an artist of today that best resembles/carries on the sound of the great artist of the past.  I will continue this feature with several more posts.

  • Downings match is the Taylors
  • Florida Boys match is Freedom Quartet
  • Happy Goodmans match is the Perrys
  • Hinsons match is the Hinson Family
  • Mid South Boys match is Akins
  • Oak Ridge Boys match is Triumphant

So with the artists in today’s grouping, do you agree with my choices or do you feel other artists match closer to the great artists of the past?

4 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Clones

  1. As a former member of Mid South Boys, you are spot on with The Akins being a “clone”. They are awesome and I hear many similarities between the two groups. All positive from me, this is one group I would pay to see and hear!

  2. I am a big fan of the Oak Ridge Boys as well as Triumphant Quartet but I guess I don’t see the match. To me the ORBs were more of a cutting edge group with strong country influence while Triumphant is more of a very solid traditional quartet. Love them both!!

  3. I agree with Darrell on the ORB/Triumphant assessment.
    Just because the Taylors have sung Downings arrangements of some of their songs doesn’t make them clones at all. The Downings had much more energy going on. The Taylors are still good, just a different style and I believe really coming into their own sound with the new recording.
    Your others are pretty spot on.
    But I actually see it as a negative for a current group to be closely compared to the original except for the Hinsons. Shows a lack of originality which is prevalant these days. We actually have a bunch of current groups who are clones of each other because of using the same few producers and songwriters.

  4. The only real comparison I can see between Triumphant and the Oaks is the longevity of the vocal lineup, so I could see that. They both have a very identifiable and consistent sound, even if they’re not necessarily stylistically identical.

    I’ll add another one to the mix, but with an asterisk:

    The Gaither Vocal Band circa 1995-2009 matches Canton Junction

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