Best Album Openers: “He’s Still Working On Me”

Lets start a new week by taking a look at another of Southern Gospel’s best album openers.

That opening song on an album sets the tone for the entire recording.  There are times when that opening song turns into a career record for an artist.

That is the case with this week’s best album opener.  “He’s Still Working On Me” comes from the Hemphills 1980 recording, Workin’.  Not only did the song spend a ton of time at #1 on the Southern Gospel radio singles chart, but it would go on to be the Hemphills biggest song with listeners.

As was the case with nearly every song the Hemphills recorded in their career, “He’s Still Working On Me” was penned by Joel Hemphill.


One thought on “Best Album Openers: “He’s Still Working On Me”

  1. This was one of my favorite groups and favorite records growing up, times have changed, note, on the lp cover that Candy is outside looking in and LaBreeska has a towel in front of her, pretty certain it was to hide the painter pants that might have offended some gospel fans.

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