How, Singing News?

If you’re a subscriber to the Singing News magazine, then you’re aware they are in the midst of voting for this year’s edition of the fan awards.

Top ten voting started last week, to narrow the list down to the final five nominees in each category.  While I overlooked it when the Singing News released the top ten lists in each category, it struck me when I was voting in the list of ten.

The Booth Brothers album, Between Here And Heaven, is among the top ten for albums of the year.  How is that even possible?  If you look at the album art, you can clearly see the album is a Gaither Gospel Series recording.

Gaither is not promoting this recording.  It is not available on for purchase.  It is not on any online streaming service.  It is not available at any major online retailer.  Instead, Gaither is promoting a soon to be released Gospel Favorites Live recording by the Booth Brothers.

Will Between Here And Heaven not be released by Gaither, or are they planning on releasing it later this year?  If it is released later this year, wouldn’t that mean the album wouldn’t be eligible for nomination in the Singing News fan awards until next year?  I guess I’m confused if Singing News even follows their own album nomination criteria.


6 thoughts on “How, Singing News?

  1. The album has been released and available on the Booth Brothers’ site since at least last November. Don’t know what Gaither is doing with it, but that shouldn’t matter for SN award eligibility.

    1. But isn’t it like the old saying, ‘If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound’.

      If an artist releases an album but it doesn’t hit the entire marketplace, is anyone really listening to it? Especially, if it is a Gaither Gospel series release. I’m assuming Gaither is waiting until later in the year, like they did with ‘Still’ several years ago. So, if it is released to the wider marketplace later in the year, does that mean it can be nominated again next year?

      1. Gaither has been distributing their recordings since Still was released independently then Gaither picked it up and changed the artwork. It wasn’t available digitally until the release date. The Live in Atlanta dvd from last year is being released and distributed under the Gospel Classics Live title. I’m not sure why there is such a gap from the release dates, maybe its part of their agreement since Gaither doesn’t own the recordings. But putting the Gaither Gospel Series name on Between Here and Heaven does cause some confusion.

  2. This is the same thing every year to get them in the nomination. I’m sure half of those that voted album of the year; don’t have it in their possession. Just doing it because they’re Booth Brothers. What is the new radio single?

  3. I did notice that the new Booth Brothers DVD release from Gaither is a repackaging of a project released last year. Just an observation…..

  4. Gaither Music Group/Spring House has done that with several releases over the years. The first time I saw it done was with Mark Lowry’s “But Seriously” album. Mark released it independently, then several months later, Gaither released it with all-new artwork to mass market. Guy Penrod released his “Breathe Deep” album independently in July of 2009, and it didn’t hit market through GMG until February 2010 I think (or thereabouts). Wes Hampton’s solo debut, same thing.

    What bothers me about the whole thing (and what makes this so odd) is that the Booths went ahead and put “Gaither Gospel Series” on the cover of this one. I don’t know if that was a contractually-obligated thing, or if they jumped the gun and Gaither either rejected the album or simply shelved it. At least in the aforementioned titled, there was no “Gaither Gospel Series” on the original indie releases (and the only one that got such a label, I think, was Wes’ album).

    All that aside, what are the requirements for Album of the Year nomination? Does an album have to be released to mass-market retail, or can it be an independent album and still gain a nomination?

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