Thankful: Triumphant


  • Album – Thankful
  • Artist – Triumphant
  • Label – Stow Town Records
  • Style – Progressive, Traditional
  • Release Date – 04/21/17
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music)
  • Running Time:  39 Minutes


This week we take a look at the new album from Triumphant, Thankful.  2017 marks 15 years since the formation of the quartet.  The vocal line-up has not changed in that 15 years.

That vocal line-up is a huge part of Triumphant’s success with the listening audience.  Triumphant are also at a point in their career where they have created a sound that defines them.  You can distinguish Triumphant anytime you hear them.

Thankful keeps that progressive/traditional Southern Gospel mix.


  • Lee Black and Scott Inman penned two great up-tempo numbers on Thankful.  The title track, “Thankful, So Thankful” is the best song on the recording.  This is a fun, energetic, up-tempo song in a sea of slow to mid-tempo music.
  • The latest single from Thankful is the Zach Williams cover; “Chain Breaker”.  This song translates well to the Southern Gospel marketplace.  Scott is featured and the song is a great choice for radio single.
  • Scott is also featured on the stand out ballad from Thankful, “God Will Always Be God”.  While reminiscent of previous Triumphant songs, its message is enough to make it a must listen.
  • Clayton and the group take us to church on the mid-tempo, “Grace And Mercy”.  The subtle organ accompaniment along with Clayton’s vocals add to the vibe.
  • Clayton also is featured on the other Lee Black/Scott Inman collab, “Never Assume”.  Another great up-tempo song to break up the monotony of all the slower to mid-tempo songs.
  • Eric has some fun trading off with the ensemble on “Bottom Of The Barrel”.  Scott knows whats up when it comes to pacing a recording.  He co-wrote the only three up-tempo songs on the entire recording.
  • David’s one feature on Thankful is the Kirk Talley penned, “I Know Him”.  Good to see Kirk’s name back in the songwriting credits.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Thankful, So Thankful”, “Chain Breaker”, “God Will Always Be God”, “Grace And Mercy”, “Never Assume”, “Bottom Of The Barrel” and “I Know Him”.
  • Triumphant tries their hand at a traditional black spiritual.  They sounded as vanilla as anyone could sound.  They need some lessons from the Statesmen on how to treat a traditional black spiritual.
  • The pacing of the album.  Thank you Scott for contributing the three up-tempo songs on the recording.  The listener didn’t get that first up-tempo number until track #6.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “My God Called Me This Morning” and “One Happy Man”.


Triumphant continues to do enough to remain the top quartet in Southern Gospel music.  There is plenty here that Triumphant fans will enjoy to keep them happy until the next album.  Triumphant can be thankful.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “We Welcome Your Holy Spirit”/Ensemble – Mark Condon  2. “Chain Breaker“/Scott – Mia Fieldes, Jonathan Smith, Zach Williams  3. “God Will Always Be God“/Scott – Wayne Haun, Scott Inman, Joel Lindsey  4. “The Cross Is All The Proof I Need”/Clayton – Wayne Haun, Scott Inman, Joel Lindsey  5. “One Happy Man”/Eric – Lee Black, Marcia Henry  6. “Thankful, So Thankful”/Scott – Lee Black, Scott Inman  7. “I Know Him”/David – Kirk Talley  8. “Never Assume“/Ensemble; Clayton – Lee Black, Scott Inman  9. “Grace And Mercy”/Clayton – Franklin D Williams  10. “Bottom Of The Barrel”/Ensemble; Eric – Scott Inman, Joel Lindsey  11. “My God Called Me This Morning”/Ensemble – Traditional


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