And New Artist Of The Year Goes To…

Today, I wanted to pick up with the artists, in Southern Gospel’s history, that have won a new artist award.  Did the group go on to have a lengthy career?

We are currently looking at Singing News fan award winners for horizon group.  Last time we looked at the years 1988/1989/1990.  Today we pick up with 1991.

Another quartet was awarded horizon group in 1991; Perfect Heart.  JD Sumner labeled them the million dollar quartet in the article he used to write for Singing News.  The group was definitely a whose who of top-notch talent.

The Mullins were the first non-quartet to win the horizon group award, when they captured the prize in 1992.  Their energetic stage performances alongside great humor and a Southern/Edgy Country style endeared them to many fans.

We’ll close out today’s segment with the Kevin Spencer Family, who won horizon group in 1993.  Kevin spent many years with his parents/siblings as the Spencers.  Their success in the 1980’s allowed Kevin Spencer and his group to find an instant fan base.

Unlike the last segment where all three winners are still touring, none of today’s winners tour any longer.


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