More Crying Steel Guitar!!

Upwards of 20 years ago, Saturday Night Live, aired a now classic skit featuring Will Farrell and Christopher Walken.  It was titled “More Cowbell”.

I have mentioned on several occasions how I miss a crying steel guitar in Southern Gospel music.  It was a part of the Southern Gospel sound during the 1970s and into the mid 1980s.  As live bands became a thing of the past, so did the steel guitar.

I had an opportunity to see Goodman Revival several weeks ago in concert.  They traveled with a full band, including a steel guitar player.  It added that extra punch needed to drive home the classic Goodman sound.

So, on occasion, I am going to offer a Southern Gospel song that features a crying steel guitar.  More crying steel guitar!!

  • “He Leads Me Each Step Of The Way” – Bowling Family (Mike Bowling/Adam Crabb/Justin Rivers; Shine, 2010)

One thought on “More Crying Steel Guitar!!

  1. Oh i agree. I miss the steel guitar, loved the old Kingsmen albums with the band, Garry (Beaver) Dillard playing the steel, and before him Sam Crowe, and Eddie Trent. Loved that sound.

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