Seasons, A Collection Of The Best: Mark Bishop

bishopGRADE:  B-

  • Album – Seasons: A Collection Of The Best
  • Artist – Mark Bishop
  • Label – Sonlite Records
  • Style – Country, Folk
  • Release Date – 01/13/17
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music)


Mark Bishop has been in the solo game since 2002.  After a successful career with his family group, the Bishops, Mark has since enjoyed a successful solo career.

With 15 years in the record books, Mark releases his first greatest hits album.  As with most greatest hits recordings, Mark has placed two new songs on the album.

I will look to determine if Seasons, A Collection Of The Best in fact includes Mark’s greatest songs over the course of his 15 year solo career.


  • I want to start by highlighting the two new songs.  The first single, “That’s When It’s Time To Pray” is the best of the two new songs.  This song should eventually be right at home with the other of Mark’s greatest hits.
  • Next up is “The Other Room”.  This fits Mark’s folksy story telling type songs.  While not the best song Mark has written/recorded, it will eventually get some time at radio.
  • Now I’ll take a look at the best choices of Mark’s greatest hits.  Hands down, the best song Mark has recorded in his solo career is “Can I Pray For You”.  If this song would have not been included it would have been a travesty.
  • On the up-tempo side, “I’m Listening For The Call” was a great choice to make the greatest hits album.
  • While not one of my favorite Mark Bishop songs, it makes sense that one of his most popular, “I Got Here As Fast As I Could” made the cut.
  • Also you can’t leave out one of the all time greatest Bishop songs, “You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God”.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “That’s When It’s Time To Pray”, “Can I Pray For You”, “You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God”, “I’m Listening For The Call” and “With My Always”.
  • Songs I would have left off the album include “Perfectly Honest”, which was recorded on the Bishops last album (Stories) and “I Can Rejoice” which is still a bit too new to be considered among Mark’s greatest songs.
  • Songs that were missed that should have been included are “Jesus Listens” (2005) and “Blue Skies” (2008).
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Perfectly Honest” and “I Can Rejoice”.


The Bishops music has left an indelible mark on Southern Gospel music.  Mark continues that tradition.  Overall, the right songs were chosen for Seasons, A Collection Of The Best, to compile a list of Mark’s best songs during his 15 year solo career.

SONG/original recording – All songs written by Mark Bishop:  1. “That’s When It’s Time To Pray”/NEW  2. “I Can Rejoice“/2012 (I Can Rejoice)  3. “You Can’t Ask Too Much Of My God”/2005 (There Is Love…Then There Is His Love)  4. “Can I Pray For You”/2004 (Can I Pray For You)  5. “I’m Listening For The Call”/2011 (I Still Need Him)  6. “With Me Always (with Lauren Talley)”/2006 (Everyday)  7. “Remember Who He Is”/2006 (Everyday)  8. “I Got Here As Fast As I Could”/2004 (Can I Pray For You)  9. “Cloud Nine, Headed For Ten”/2003 (The Song In My Heart)  10. “The Other Room”/NEW  11. “Perfectly Honest”/2001 (Stories)  12. “My Name Is Jesus (with Mitchel Jon/Ivan Parker/Lauren Talley)”/2011 (I Still Need Him)


One thought on “Seasons, A Collection Of The Best: Mark Bishop

  1. I actually always loved Perfectly Honest and never knew it was a Bishops song. I just knew it as Mark’s first radio single. The Bishops were overrated IMO but had a few nice moments. Mark has become much more musically diverse and creative in his solo days.

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