The Gospel: Lauren Talley

talleyGRADE:  B-

  • Album – The Gospel
  • Artist – Lauren Talley
  • Label – Horizon Records
  • Style – Progressive
  • Release Date – 02/10/17
  • Available For Digital Download? – Yes (Apple Music)


The Gospel is the first solo album for Lauren Talley since Songs In The Night (2010).  Lauren also took more of a songwriter role on The Gospel, helping co-write four of the ten songs.

The Gospel is similar in style to what Lauren has provided Southern Gospel listeners in the past; progressive Southern Gospel sounds tilting toward CCM.

The album is an even mix of new music and previously recorded songs.


  • It is fitting the best song on The Gospel is the Dawn Thomas penned classic, “I Am Not Ashamed”.  Originally recorded and made popular by Janet Paschal, Lauren Talley adds her own signature to this must listen!
  • Lauren teamed with Cindy Morgan and Kenna West to provide listeners the best new song on the album, “Everything”.  The song is actually a duet with CCM legend, Cindy Morgan.  This would make a great choice for radio single possibilities.
  • The Gospel offers very little in the way of up-tempo songs.  “The God Who Never Changes” is the one exception.  Another Lauren Talley co-write.
  • The other up-tempo number is a duet with Gordon Mote, “I Hear A Song”.  There is enough good things in the most Southern Gospel friendly song on the album to warrant a listen.
  • The Gospel closes on a duet with Riley Harrison Clark.  The performance and lyric make up for the fact the melody was a rip off of “Danny Boy”.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “Everything”, “I Am Not Ashamed”, “The God Who Never Changes”, “I Hear A Song”, “Our Song Will Be Jesus” and “What Grace Is Mine”.
  • When you have a ten song recording run 41 minutes, it can become tiring for the listener.  The lack of up-tempo songs on The Gospel contributes to this issue.
  • I have a problem with songwriter’s ‘ripping off’ old melodies in an attempt to create something new.  “What Grace Is Mine” using the melody of “Danny Boy” is a lack of creativity.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Hallelujah What A Savior” and “The Cradle, The Crown & The Crown”.


Lauren Talley has already proven to Southern Gospel listeners she is one of the industry’s great female vocalists.  The Gospel reinforces that point.  If you’ve been a long time listener of her music, you will want to add The Gospel to your collection.

SONG (Style – All Progressive Southern Gospel) – Songwriter:  1. “I Believe”/with Brian Free & Assurance – Travis Cottrell  2. “The Cradle, The Cross & The Crown” – Mike Spanhanks  3. “I Am Not Ashamed” – Dawn Thomas  4. “I Hear A Song”/with Gordon Mote – Lauren Talley, Kenna West, Tony Wood  5. “Everything”/with Cindy Morgan – Cindy Morgan, Lauren Talley, Kenna West  6. “The God Who Never Changes” – Lauren Talley, Kenna West, Tony Wood  7. “Our Song Will Be Jesus” – Lee Black, Lauren Talley, Kenna West  8. “The Blood Of Jesus Speaks For Me” – Travis Cottrell   9. “Hallelujah, What A Savior” – Traditional  10. “What Grace Is Mine”/with Riley Harrison Clark – Kristyn Getty


One thought on “The Gospel: Lauren Talley

  1. Having listened to this album a few times now I probably would rate this album a little higher with a B or possibly a B+. I’m not as critical about the lack of upbeat songs as you are Steve. One upbeat song you didn’t mention is the opening song “I Believe”. Even though the album may not be very upbeat there is a consistency of style that works well for her voice. I have always thought the texture and range of her voice is very similar to the secular artist Carly Simon, who was a favorite of mine in my youth. She does well on ballad type of songs and is quite expressive. I definitely do agree with you that the song “Everything” really should be the single off the album. It could be a good crossover to the CCM charts and get Lauren a little more attention in Christian circles.

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