Song Hall Of Fame: “King Jesus”

Hall of Fame (350x202)It is time to honor another of Southern Gospel’s greatest compositions by placing it into the Southern Gospel song hall of fame.

Today’s inductee goes back to 1973; “King Jesus”.  A slew of artists recorded the song during this time but it was one rendition that became the most popular.  That rendition was from the Oak Ridge Boys.

The song was found on the group’s 1973 album, Street Gospel.  A year later (1974) the Oak Ridge Boys would record a live version of “King Jesus” on Gospel Gold.

Maurice Delamont is honored by writing this Southern Gospel classic.


2 thoughts on “Song Hall Of Fame: “King Jesus”

  1. I like this song as long as a correct theological position is kept. Many Christians think of Jesus as our King, but in reality, he is the coming King and we will rule and reign with Him. His relationship to the church is not as King but as the Bridegroom and our “Lord”. Lord and King are not synonymous. He is a King but that relationship is primarily in relationship to the Jews and will one day be extended to the whole world with his Bride (the Church) reigning with Him. So, these type of songs need to taken with that perspective in view. It’s not wrong for a Christian to say he is King but it would be wrong theologically to say he is our King because he is our Lord. Not once does the New Testament assert that he is King over His church. That said, though, I can see why you like the song and would place it in your hall of fame.

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