Overrated?? – Booth Brothers

booth-brothers-300x300Today continues a new series titled overrated.  It looks at a current artist’s popularity (rated out of 100) vs current chart success/album releases (rated out of 100).  The difference between their popularity score and chart success/album release score is where they fall on the overrated meter.  The artist covered today is the Booth Brothers.


  • There is no doubt in any Southern Gospel listener’s mind that the Booth Brothers is the most popular artist in the industry at the moment.
  • The trio has won a total of 57 Singing News fan awards over the course of the last decade.
  • The group built that success on impeccable harmony.  When the group first hit the scene it was tough not to be mesmerized by the Booth Brothers stage presentation.


  • In pondering the music the Booth Brothers is currently giving listeners, I score that 59 out of 100.
  • The Booth Brothers prime recording years, thus far, came between 2001 and 2006.
  • Albums such as This Stage Of Grace (2001), The Booth Brothers (2003), Pure Southern Gospel (2004), The Blind Man Saw It All (2005) and Harmony (2006) represent the best in the group’s entire discography.
  • On an added note, the Booth Brothers have a new album due out in April that could bump this score up.


  • This score represents that the Booth Brothers is currently overrated by a net positive +39.

9 thoughts on “Overrated?? – Booth Brothers

  1. I think “Room For More” was their last great album. It all comes down to song selection and that album was loaded. Not much they’ve done since has really grabbed me.

    It’s interesting that the last two “overrated” groups have both been regarded as having great sound, but neither has really impressed me over the past few years. Although, I didn’t enjoy the Booth Brothers and Collingsworth Family together on “Jesus Saves.”

  2. Their latest album, “Between Here and Heaven” has amazing songs on it! The harmonies are strong, but the lyrics are even stronger. These songs SAY something!!!!

  3. Haven’t listened to any of their newer stuff ever since Jim Brady left. Although I was never a huge fan of the group, without Jim I really don’t see them staying on top of the SG world for too much longer.

    1. Oh yeh, Paul is an amazing singer and their blend is unchanged. I think the new album kinda harkens back to some of their earlier sounds before the Lari Goss stuff.

  4. Phillip, The Booths are just fine with Paul and you should listen to the albums they’ve done with them. Jim was a great singer but so was Joseph Smith. As long as they maintain the blend, which they have, they will continue to be a fan favorites for a very long time.

  5. Paul Lancaster is an extraordinarily dynamic interpreter of songs. He also has a great heart. The Booth Brothers have not missed a beat with this personnel change.

  6. I hate to mention it, but who has Paul Lancaster been with for any significant length of time? Not sure he would have been my first hire…based upon resume’ alone

    1. There’s a big difference between Paul and say Brian Alvey. Paul was with the Martins for a decade. He also spent 3 years with both The Nelons and Palmetto State. This is a once in a lifetime gig and I think Paul will be with The Booths for quite a while.

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