You’re Loved: Beelers

beelersGRADE:  C+

  • Album – You’re Loved
  • Artist – Beelers
  • Label – Skyland Records
  • Style – Progressive, Country
  • Release Date – 01/13/17
  • Available For Digital Download? – YES (Apple Music)


This week we take a look at the latest album from the Beelers, You’re Loved.  Based in east Tennessee, this trio of siblings are new to most Southern Gospel listeners.

The Beelers is composed of Cory Beeler (lead vocalist), sister Robin Cumbie (alto vocalist) and sister Tina Moody (soprano vocalist).

The trio teamed with Crossroads (Skyland Records) to release You’re Loved; an album of progressive Southern Gospel and traditional country sounds.


  • The album starts on a strong note, as the album’s opening track, “I’m Free Again”, is the stand out.  Lead vocalist, Cory Beeler performs this up-tempo track that has a hint of classic Crabb Family on it.
  • Cory follows that up with another stand out song, “Be Still And Know”.  A listener doesn’t need to listen long to know Cory models his vocal performance after Jason Crabb.
  • Lee Black and Kenna West penned a winner with “Heaven Knows”.  Alto vocalist, Robin Cumbie, turns in a nice performance of this well written tune.
  • Another strong lyric, from the pens of John Darin Rowsey and Kenna West, “Every Silver Lining” has Tina and Cory trading verses on a song that deserves a listen.
  • I don’t want to leave this review without mentioning another up-tempo, Crabb Family tinged, barn burner; “Lord Of The Raging Sea”.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “I’m Free Again”, “Be Still And Know”, “Heaven Knows”, “Every Silver Lining”, “Lord Of The Raging Sea” and “More Than Amazing”.
  • The album contains several song covers that don’t stand up to the original versions; “He’s In Control”, “Pourin’ Rain” and “Shout And Shine”.
  • There are several songs that stretch the group a bit too far vocally.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “Shout And Shine” and “He’s In Control”.


The Beelers provide music that will fit a niche segment of Southern Gospel listener.  Their song selection was strong as seen by the songwriters who contributed to You’re Loved.  Only you can determine if they will find a home in your musical playlists.

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “I’m Free Again”/Ensemble; Cory – Conley Ray Beeler  2. “Be Still And Know“/Cory – Lee Black, Kenna West, Daryl Williams  3. “Those Memories Of You (Ringing Of The Hammer)“/Cory – Allen O’Bryant  4. “Heaven Knows”/Robin – Lee Black, Kenna West  5. “Lord Of The Raging Sea”/Cory – Gerald Crabb, Sue C Smith  6. “Speak Lord”/Tina – Rebecca J Peck  7. “He’s In Control”/Cory – Mike Kofahl, Justin Rivers, John Darin Rowsey  8. “Shout And Shine“/Ensemble – James B Coats, Eugene Wright  9. “Take Me To Him”/Cory – Jason Cox, Marty Funderburk  10. “More Than Amazing”/Cory; Robin – Marcia Hughes  11. “Every Silver Lining”/Tina; Cory – John Darin Rowsey, Kenna West  12. “Pourin’ Rain”/Cory – Phil Cross, Mitchel Kenetzer


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