Unbreak The World: Hoskins Family

hoskins-300x300GRADE:  B+

  • Album – Unbreak The World
  • Artist – Hoskins Family
  • Label – Chapel Valley
  • Style – Progressive, Country
  • Release Date – 10/28/16
  • Available For Digital Download? – YES (Apple Music)


This week we take a look at the latest album from the Hoskins Family, Unbreak The World.  How I missed this release in 2016 is beyond me.  Shows how little the record label cared about letting listeners know there was a new Hoskins Family album.

The Hoskins Family burst on the scene in 2000 with their first big hit record, “Joyful Morning”.  They would follow that up with their first #1 song, “Safe Thus Far”.

After a hiatus, the Hoskins Family returned in 2014 with a greatest hits album that contained three new songs.  Unbreak The World continues the progressive Southern Gospel style listeners have come to expect from the group.


  • Young, Abigail Aldridge has several stand out tracks on Unbreak The Word.  The album closes on a strong note as the ballad, “As I Am” claims best track.  With just piano accompaniment, Abigail performs this song to perfection.  This is a must listen!
  • Abigail also has a stand out near the beginning of the project, “I’ll Take The Valley”.  A progressive Southern Gospel song that defines the style of the Hoskins Family.
  • The most Southern Gospel friendly song, penned by Gina Vera, is “I Don’t Wanna Lose That Feeling”.  This mid tempo number would make a great radio single choice.
  • There are a couple really strong up-tempo songs on Unbreak The World.  The first is the album’s opening track, “This Ain’t That Song”.  I love the fun spirit found in the lyric.  ‘If you want to hear me sing the blues, so you can sing along, this ain’t that song’.
  • Another strong radio single possibility is the Rick feature, “One More Miracle”.  Another up-tempo number that deserves a repeat.
  • Donna King penned the first single from the album which happens to be the title track, “Unbreak The World”.  Angie takes the lead on a song that should find plenty of airplay at Southern Gospel radio.
  • I don’t want to leave this review without mentioning the Angie feature, “And I Know”.  This country flavored tune has already found a home in my musical playlists.
  • Strongest songs included in order:  “As I Am”, “I’ll Take The Valley”, “I Don’t Wanna Lose That Feeling”, “And I Know”, “Unbreak The World”, “This Ain’t That Song” and “One More Miracle”.
  • The Hoskins Family could have kept Unbreak The World to ten songs and chop off, “We Win”.  Musically, the song sounds like something from Carmen in the 1990’s and absolutely does not meld with the progressive Southern Gospel, country-style found on the rest of the album.
  • Shame on the record label’s A&R/publicity department for not letting listeners know this album was available.  I keep up with all that is going on in Southern Gospel music and I didn’t even know it was available until about two weeks ago.
  • Weakest songs included in order:  “We Win”.


There is no doubt this album would have been in my annual top twenty list for the best album releases of 2016.  Now that you are aware this album is available, like myself, give it a listen. It ranks as one of the Hoskins Family best albums!

SONG/Featured Vocalist – Songwriter:  1. “This Ain’t That Song”/Angie – Twila Labar, Kenna West  2. “Unbreak The World“/Angie – Donna King  3. “I’ll Take The Valley“/Abigail; Angie – Donna King  4. “Let’s All Go To The House Of The Lord”/Rick – Lee Black, Marcia Henry  5. “And I Know”/Angie – Sue C Smith, Gina Vera  6. “Here’s A Reminder”/Abigail – Angie Aldridge  7. “We Win”/Abigail; Angie – ??  8. “Silence“/Abigail – Angie Aldridge  9. “One More Miracle”/Rick – David Clark, Joseph Habedank  10. “I Don’t Wanna Lose That Feeling”/Angie – Gina Vera  11. “As I Am”/Abigail – Angie Aldridge


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