Southern Gospel’s Best Songs: Dixie Echoes

Last year I started a new series that highlights the ten best songs an artist recorded during their career.  We’ve seen lists for the Steeles, Anchormen, the Downings and Down East Boys.  Today, I wanted to look at the best songs recorded by the Dixie Echoes.

1.”I Want To See Jesus” (Billy Dale Sexton; Live, 1973)

2. “Close To The Master” (Paul Hughes/Alphus LeFevre; Close To The Master, 1964)

3. “I’ll Take Jesus” (Dale Shelnut; Today, 1975)

4. “Trouble In My Way” (Traditional; Exciting And Inspiring, 1968)

5. “Salvation’s Plan” (Billy Dale Sexton; Harvest Of New Hits, 1974)

6. “Walkin’ On With Jesus” (Randy Shelnut; Walkin’ On, 1987)

7. “So Many Reasons” (Jimmie Davis/David Reece; For God So Loved, 1967)

8. “Suddenly A Rainbow” (Ray Holliday; Reunion, 2000)

9. “Too Near The Crown” (James Payne; 30th Anniversary, 1989)

10. “Tell It To Him” (Randy Shelnut; Assurance, 1982)

One thought on “Southern Gospel’s Best Songs: Dixie Echoes

  1. I have wished for years that they would record “I Want to See Jesus” again… That song would chart again, I believe… Always loved it!

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