Most Overrated Southern Gospel Artist Series

119322-1173842017 will bring a series that I was going to do last year but scrapped.  I have a bit more boldness this year to tackle the most overrated Southern Gospel artist series.

To overrate is to rate/appraise too highly or overestimate.  Looking at the word appraise we come up with the definition evaluate or estimate the quality.

I know there will be some readers who will be opposed to this series because of the idea that I will be degrading/bashing artists.  Let me assure you and make clear that I will not be using this series to degrade/bash artists.

This series will assess current artists and the music they are providing listeners.  I am strictly looking at the music from an artistic standpoint and stacking it up against music other artists in the genre are providing listeners.  This series will NOT be critiquing an artists/listeners view of ministry/the Gospel, etc.

The first artist in the series will start next week.


One thought on “Most Overrated Southern Gospel Artist Series

  1. I’m looking forward to the content of this series, but I expect the comments to be extremely interesting. I’ll bring the popcorn.

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