Ten On Ten: Jerry And The Singing Goffs

goffs1973liveheretonightmaxOne of the most popular series when I started Southern Gospel Views from the Back Row was the ten on ten feature.  It was me highlighting what I believe to be the ten best albums of an artist’s career.

The last ten on ten feature was in 2013 when I highlighted the ten best albums of the Perry Sisters.  In this new year, I wanted to return to the ten on ten feature and highlight artists never featured.  Today we take a look at the recording career of Jerry and the Singing Goffs.

goffs1975searchbookmaxThe ten best albums by Jerry and the Singing Goffs are as follows:

  1. Live Here Tonight (1973)
  2. Featuring Please Search The Book Again (1975)
  3. Live! (1984)
  4. Autumn (1984)
  5. Don’t Give Up (1986)
  6. I Am Blessed (1982)
  7. Praise The Lord (1979)
  8. Lasting Sounds (1971)
  9. This Way For Happiness (1981)
  10. This Is Love (1976)
  • goffs1984autumnmaxWith 26 albums in the group’s discography, the pinnacle of the Goffs recording career is the 1973 live album Live Here Tonight.  The album was recorded in Monroe NC and captured the group’s excitement with some of the group’s best material.
  • Jerry Goff’s trumpet playing was an integral part of the group’s success; around since the group started.  The instrumental captured on Live Here Tonight was one of the best.
  • The biggest chart success came with the song, “Please Search The Book Again”.  It was a #1 hit and the album, Featuring Please Search The Book Again, ranks 2nd among the group’s best recordings.
  • goffs1971lastingsoundsmaxAnother live recording finds a home in the top ten, Live!.  This 1984 album, recorded in Ashland KY, was the same concert the Singing American’s recorded their landmark album; Live And Alive.
  • Half the top ten are made up of albums released during the latter part of the group’s career.  The Goffs final album, Don’t Give Up, ranked 5th among the group’s best.  The group definitely went out on a high note.
  • Jerry Goff was also an integral part of the group when it came to the songs the group recorded.  He penned the majority of the Goff’s material.
  • One of the group’s earliest recordings, Lasting Sounds (1971), was a great start for the Goffs.  One of Jerry’s biggest compositions, “Where We Ever Shall Be” is found on this recording.
  • goffs1976lovemaxAfter the Goffs came off the road, Jerry maintained a presence in Southern Gospel music by becoming one of the industries greatest emcees.
  • In addition to the songs already mentioned, Jerry and the Singing Goffs introduced the following songs to the Southern Gospel listener:  “God’s Gonna Getcha For That”, “Guilty”, “His Name Lives On”, “I Am Blessed”, “I’ll Meet You On The Other Side Of Jordan”, “I’ll See You In The Rapture”, “Jesus Will Never Say No”, “Say I Do”, “Tears Will Stop This Side Of Heaven”, “That’s When He Wrote My Name”, “Tucked In With Jesus”, “What Cha Gonna Tell Him” and “When My Name Is Called In Glory”.
  • Jerry Goff ended up marrying another long time Southern Gospel personality; ‘Little’ Jan Buckner of Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters fame.

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