Best Of 2016: #3

hoppersFor all those enjoying the week off to celebrate the holidays; thanks for stopping by.  And for all those having to work this week; I see you’re sneaking a peek at work.  Today we honor the album and recorded song ranked 3rd among the best in Southern Gospel music for 2016.

The Hoppers took four years, since Count Me In (2012), to give listeners an album of new music.  2016 also saw the Hoppers pair with Daywind Records to release Life Is Good.

Life Is Good hearkens long time Hoppers listeners back to albums like Power (2000), Great Day (2003) and The Ride (2006).  The Hopper legacy will celebrate 60 years in 2017.

The (5) Best Songs From The Album:  (1) “If We Ever Gotta Look”, (2) “Jesus, The One”, (3) “By And By”, (4) “Grace Will Get To You” and (5) “Song Of Moses”.

debThe Down East Boys proved yesterday why they are one of the best of 2016 when Ransomed ranked 4th among the best albums released this year.

The best up-tempo Southern Gospel quartet song of the year is from the Down East Boys, “One Way, One Name, One Door”.

This song, penned by Roger Duncan, ranks 3rd among the best recorded Southern Gospel songs of 2016.


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