Best Of 2016: #11

wisecarversToday marks the halfway point in this years annual countdown of the best Southern Gospel albums and recorded songs.  Tennessee based family group, the Wisecarvers tops the first half of the countdown.

The album, Armor, released in December 2015 and ranks 11th among the best of 2016.  Since last year’s countdown had already begun at that point, I included it in album releases for 2016.  It happened to be my first album review of the year.

The Wisecarvers offer listeners a nice mix of progressive Southern Gospel and country musical styles.  They are also beginning to catch a wider listening audience as their latest radio single will become the group’s first top ten hit on the Southern Gospel radio singles chart.

The (5) Best Songs From The Album:  (1) “Just To Save Me”, (2) “At Any Cost”, (3) “Don’t You Think You Ought To Worship Me”, (4) “Somebody Here” and (5) “Shine Me Up Some Armor”.

mark-trammell-quartetThe Mark Trammell Quartet already found a home in the annual countdown when their 2016 album release, Full Sail, landed at #19.

The song that stood out above the rest on the album to rank 11th among the best recorded Southern Gospel songs of the year is the Dave Crawford/Roy Lee Johnson penned, “More Than You’ll Ever Know”.

The quartet is usually known for their big orchestrated power ballads, but “More Than You’ll Ever Know” has a simplistic arrangement with subtle instrumentation that shows listeners that newest tenor vocalist, Blake Buffin, is no joke.


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