Best Of 2016: #12

lefevre-qtHappy Monday!  Time to get a new work week started.  Also time to take a little break out of your day to keep up with the annual countdown of Southern Gospel’s best.

The LeFevre Quartet find a home at #12 in the best of 2016 with the album, Home.  Now with Jeremy Peace anchored as tenor vocalist, the LeFevre Quartet offered Southern Gospel listeners with one of the best quartet albums of the year.

Mike continues to show why he remains one of Southern Gospel’s best baritone vocalists while lead vocalist Jordan LeFevre continues to climb the ranks.

The (5) Best Songs From The Album:  (1) “He Left No Stone Unturned”, (2) “He Saved Me Anyway”, (3) “Something”, (4) “He Was There” and (5) “Unseen Things Above”.

11th-hourAnother group having the best year of their career in 2016 is 11th Hour.  Amber Eppinette, Grant Gibson and Jaquita Lindsey are giving Southern Gospel listeners the best the industry has to offer.

The 2016 album release, What A Moment, has already given the trio two #1 songs on the Southern Gospel radio singles chart.  The group’s progressive style is a throw back to what the Martins were providing listeners in the late 1990’s.

Track #7 on What A Moment, “When God Shows Up”, is 12th among the best recorded songs of 2016.  You can’t get much better than Lee Black, Kenna West and Dianne Wilkinson, who penned the song.


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