Best Of 2016: #13

jim-brady-trioThe best of 2016 continues today with the album ranked 13th among the best Southern Gospel album releases of 2016.  The Jim Brady Trio followed up their debut effort, A New Chapter, with another comparable recording.

Promises is the second album from Jim Brady Trio on Daywind Records.  This is also the first recording to feature new baritone vocalist Layke Jones.

The group offered listeners a progressive Southern Gospel style with Promises, the 13th best album of 2016.

The (5) Best Songs From The Album:  (1) “Homesick For Heaven”, (2) “Peace In The Shelter”, (3) “God Is With Me”, (4) “I Go To The Rock” and (5) “Calvary”.

tributeThe Tribute Quartet may very well have the best year of their career when 2016 wraps.  They definitely hit it out of the park with their 2016 album release, Here For You.

Tenor vocalist Riley Harrison Clark shined as track #6, “God Of The Storms”, ranks 13th among the best recorded songs in Southern Gospel music for the year.

Two Southern Gospel master composers, Gerald Crabb and Savana Foust, came together to pen this soon to be classic.

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