Best Of 2016: #14

perry-sistersHappy Friday!  The album ranked 14th among the best Southern Gospel releases of 2016 is the Perry Sisters, Lineage.  For those long time Southern Gospel listeners who thought the group had long since retired, they’re back.

Yesterday, the stand out song from the recording, “No Stranger To The Pain” landed at #15 among the best recorded songs of the year.

The trio gave listeners a 16 song collection of newer songs and Perry Sister classics.  “In The Ark Of Safety and “Build My Home” were two cases where the remakes were better than the original.

The (5) Best Songs From The Album:  (1) “No Stranger To The Pain”, (2) “In The Ark Of Safety”, (3) “Heaven Holds All To Me”, (4) “Build My Home” and (5) “The Writing’s On The Wall”.

erwinsThe Erwins already found a home in the annual countdown with their 2016 album release, Only Faith Can See (#17).

Caleb Bumgardner and Jeffrey Bumgardner combined to write the song ranked 14th among the best recorded Southern Gospel songs of 2016.

Track #4 on Only Faith Can See is “Chasing After You”.


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