Best Of 2016: #17

erwinsOne of the fastest rising groups in Southern Gospel music is Texas-based family group, the Erwins.  Siblings Keith, Kody, Kris and Katie have endeared themselves to the broader Southern Gospel listening audience.

Two years ago, this young group also caught the eye of Stow Town Records, where they were signed on as an artist.  The Erwins sophomore recording with Stow Town, Only Faith Can See, ranks 17th among the best albums of 2016.

Wayne Haun took the lead on producing duties, giving the Erwins a more progressive style than the group’s previous recording.

The (5) Best Songs From The Album:  (1) “Chasing After You”, (2) “Holding On To Me”, (3) “Up And Out Of The Valley”, (4) “Only Faith Can See” and (5) “I Can Through Christ”.

livingstonsNew to listeners in 2016, the Livingstons returned to the Southern Gospel scene with the release of Unexpected Journey.  The group had two successful recordings in the late 1990’s.

Track #4 from Unexpected Journey, “Grace” ranks 17th among the best recorded songs in Southern Gospel music for 2016.  The topic of God’s grace has been conveyed thousands of times during the history of Southern Gospel music.

I enjoyed how songwriter and group member Brittany Potter painted a picture in “Grace”.


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