Best Of 2016: #19

mtqThe Mark Trammell Quartet land at #19 on the annual list of Southern Gospel’s best albums with their 2016 release, Full Sail.  This was the first quartet album to feature newest members Blake Buffin (tenor) and Randy Byrd (bass).

Listeners have come to expect traditional Southern Gospel quartet music from the group and that is exactly what you will get with Full Sail.

The quartet also work in their obligatory ‘high church’ ballad that has become a staple of the group going back to their trio days.

The (5) Best Songs From The Album:  (1) “More Than You’ll Ever Know”, (2) “Already In Canaan Land”, (3) “All The Way Home”, (4) “Go Show John” and (5) “Treasures In Heaven”.

pruittThe Pruitt Family landed in the annual countdown yesterday when their 2016 release, So Much Sweeter ranked 20th among Southern Gospel’s best albums of the year.

Track #9 from that recording, “Love At First Sight”, is the song ranked 19th among the best recorded songs in Southern Gospel music for 2016.

Just like yesterday’s song (#20), “Love At First Sight” was penned some twenty years ago by John Darin Rowsey.


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