And Southern Gospel’s Greatest Songwriter Is….


It was clear from the beginning of voting that Dottie Rambo was the choice of the majority of my readers for Southern Gospel’s greatest songwriter.  When it was all said and done she led the closest competitor by over 475 votes.

Now I will present a breakdown of top five songwriters (by vote tally) by decade.


  1. Mosie Lister
  2. Albert E Brumley
  3. Henry Slaughter
  4. Rusty Goodman
  5. Ira Stanphill


  1. Dottie Rambo
  2. Nancy Harmon
  3. Ronny Hinson
  4. Andrae Crouch
  5. Gordon Jensen


  1. Kirk Talley
  2. Squire Parsons
  3. Sandy Knight
  4. Carroll McGruder
  5. Joel Hemphill


  1. Kyla Rowland
  2. Phil Cross
  3. Roger Bennett
  4. Jeff Steele
  5. Niles Borop


  1. Dianne Wilkinson
  2. Rodney Griffin
  3. Gerald Crabb
  4. Jim Brady
  5. Rebecca Peck


  1. Joseph Habedank
  2. Kenna West
  3. Lee Black
  4. Chris Allman
  5. Karen Peck Gooch

3 thoughts on “And Southern Gospel’s Greatest Songwriter Is….

  1. Bill & Gloria? Maybe it hindered their votes that they have written great songs for several decades as opposed to some of the others.

  2. Rodney Griffin not in the top 5 in the 1990’s, second in 2000’s and not in the top 5 in 2010’s, yet SN songwriter of the year every year since 1998? Methinks SN subscribers vote for the same folks regardless of what anyone else is doing that year.

  3. I also had some questions about how the decades’ listings were decided upon, but I did appreciate the fact that all the great songwriters were included in the initial polling.

    There is no question that BILL & GLORIA GAITHER are great songwriters and normally in a poll that consisted of a large number and a diverse cross-section of voters, they would have been included in the finals. Of course, having two names is also an issue that could divide their vote.

    Another person not among the five finalists was ANDRAE CROUCH. He can arguably be considered as the King of Gospel song writing in general, but his influence in southern gospel was also immense.

    Although my support was for DOTTIE RAMBO, who very likely has the most prolific gospel songwriting catalog in modern history, also touching the secular genres somewhat, I believe it is important that we acknowledge that BILL & GLORIA GAITHER belonged in the finals.

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