VOTING: Greatest Songwriter: Championship Round

We have made it to the championship round in our search for Southern Gospel’s greatest songwriter.  After several months of voting we have arrived to the final five contenders.  Please click on the link in the polls to hear a song written by the championship contenders.  Here are the rules for voting:

  • All readers of this blog can vote.
  • You are allowed to vote for one choice.
  • You are allowed one vote per day.
  • The songwriter with the most votes at the end will be crowned Southern Gospel’s greatest songwriter.
  • Voting closes Tuesday (11/22/16).

6 thoughts on “VOTING: Greatest Songwriter: Championship Round

  1. I agree with your sentiments about Dottie Rambo, although Mosie Lister is a great songwriter also. But I reported to Steve earlier today that I believe that one or more persons are voting multiple times per day and it doesn’t look like the system is preventing this! That would definitely affect the results! Waiting to hear back from Steve, but MANY HUNDREDS OF VOTES PER DAY are being cast to flip-flop the results between Dottie Rambo and Mosie Lister…

    1. Hello Jerry,
      If any one IP address attempts to vote multiple times in a row, the poll will recognize that and block that IP address from voting, thinking it is a bot. I’ve been keeping up with the voting and it looks both sides fans have turned out to vote. There have been over 1,200 site visits for the last two days. Thank everyone for participating.

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